Razor Coast 2, #14: First Days

23 Jan

guildbanner6Last time we saw our heroes, they had broken up a midnight delivery of dragonsmoke into Port Shaw. They interrogated the dealers and found out that they were shipping dragonsmoke out of a nearby cove, where smugglers were led by a gnoll named Bonegnaw. With a Dragoon officer, the party was secretly offered a reward for “taking care” of Bonegnaw. Their tale continues…


11th day of Arodus, 4713 AR

scorpionWe walked straight forward until stopping when Naelgoar’s shield was hit by a stinger, and he charged straight in. It was a king scorpion that was huge….

On a dark night, Naelgoar, Sarisa, Kelnar and I (Fitz) were enjoying ourselves at a Port Shaw pub called The Broken Skull. After a close match in the ring between Naelgoar and Punch Your Face, a fiddler came in and started playing. The music was upbeat and fast, so Kelnar started dancing on the bar beside him. When the music stopped, Kelnar went and healed Naelgoar. His healing caught the attention of an orc in the corner. The orc motioned Kelnar to come over. They talked, and as all of our team went over, I was the only one who stayed back.

When I came over, I was told that this orc was named Theren, and that he would like us to be in his band and crew. We agreed and left the pub to find a place to spend the night.

On the way, we saw a Tulita man being yelled at by four colonists, and I’m pretty sure it was because of the necklace he was wearing, so Kelnar used a fog spell and told the Tulita to run. The Tulita vanished, and another Tulita came and told us to run. After he told Kelnar that he has the Tulitas’ trust, we couldn’t hear anymore.

After sleeping, we ventured into the sewers to a place that supposedly has the alchemist’s fire that the Tulita were concerned about. We walked straight forward until stopping when Naelgoar’s shield was hit by a stinger, and he charged straight in. It was a king scorpion that was huge. Then after many attacks, Sarisa had a well-placed rapier and stabbed its eye out.

After searching the scorpion, we heard footsteps, and as a creature came in, I fired my arrow and it struck. They emitted a gas cloud, or a fart cloud and the fight was on…

-Fitz (Enzo)


XP so far:

Fitz – 32,902
Naelgoar – 32,352
Sarisa – 32,352
Kelnar Redman – 32,352
Theren – 46,265

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    I am a great writer!!!!

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