Kingmaker #11: Ramblings of a Strix

16 Jan

When we last left our heroes, they had just cleared the northern Greenbelt of its primary menace, the Stag Lord and his band of brigands. They now get to the business of establishing their kingdom.. (- The Grandmaster).

faerie-dragonI remember when Oasin was killed. Very sad, but so wonderfully bloody and woooonderful…

On the Ides of Erastus, 4680 AR, the kingdom of Espur was founded. It will last an age…

Heh, that is funny. Many things happened before that. I remember when Oasin was killed. Very sad, but so wonderfully bloody and woooonderful. Yesyesyesyesyes yes yes, blood is good.

I remember being a boy back in Cheliax. Running around, desecrating people’s homes with Nalagrax, my pet imp. Aaaaah, good times. Yes, very good times.

I remember following Ur. Ur was, and is a good man. Strong and ready to defend Espur at a moments notice. Corff is a very nice city. Should I tell about the name, no, I shall not, at least not now. None of you heard that I hope. *cough, cough*

I might like to fly one last time before I join my brothers in the paradise of Ukukhanya.

I… I see the paradise of my people. Their open arms, welcoming me. I will fly with the ancient ones, and relax in the shining halls of Ukukhanya. I will miss this world, but only a little. Neskaghir, you were always a nsikazi inja. O..Oasin, you are one of the few people I will legitimately miss. John Snow, I had no opinion of you, and also, erase Xotani’s memory and send him away. I s…s…sup..pose I..I will tell you what Corff means.. It means c…c…corpse

On the 25th of Kuthona, 4735 AR,
Inyoni Umbusi, born as Pellius Wintrish, Died, surrounded by friends.



XP so far:
Neskaghir – 13,800
Oasîn – 13,737
Pellius Wintrish – 11,937
Skia Canticum – 11,337

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