Razor Coast 2, #13: Stomping Out the Source

09 Jan


Last time we saw our heroes, they had broken up a midnight delivery of dragonsmoke into Port Shaw. They interrogated the dealers and found out that they were shipping dragonsmoke out of a nearby cove, where smugglers were led by a gnoll named Bonegnaw. With a Dragoon officer, the party was secretly offered a reward for “taking care” of Bonegnaw. Their tale continues…


10th of Arodus, 4713 AR


I woke up, the sunlight streamed through my window. The white curtains were failing their job at preventing light from coming into the room. “Damn” I said under my breath, gotta buy some new ones I thought. I started to climb out of my bed, the sheets rustled and the frame creaked, I hastily got out and instantly went to the kitchen my feet making light thumps on the floor. I turned on the burner and took a pan from the shelf setting it down lightly I put a hunk of butter in and started……………


The smell woke me up. Eggs. Scrambled? No, Omelet, onion? Bacon? My mouth watered with approval. I got up out of bed and hurried to the kitchen, thuds followed in my wake. When I got in Leonardo greeted me and said “I’ve cooked you an omelet, Bacon and onion. Same for me.” He and I sat down and he, as usual ravaged his food at such an impossible rate. What amazes me is how when he’s done he’s perfectly clean. “I’m out!” he said hurriedly and headed to the roof, probably going to…………….


I stayed up all night thinking about how I was a villain and now I’m a hero. I looked in the mirror, I looked a mess. Bloodshot eyes, bloodstained cloak, rusty axe and very very dirty. The innkeeper was nice to not ask questions about my appearance. I started to polish my rusty axe, its rough surface became shiny as the cloth swept the orange away. I thought something strange NUKE THE MOON, weird. I saw a flash out my window……………….


I was running across the rooftops, the wind ran through my fur and across my goggles. Out of instinct my body crouched and did a flip over a ledge. Mid Flip I shot my clawshot, it latched on to a chimney with a clank! I whistled through the air and continued my run. I glanced to my side and felt happy that I could see the long wooden docks up ahead. The clear blue sea looked beautiful behind the stretch of docks held by wooden posts. My friends were just ahead. Fawkes and his precious Sasha in hand, Its beautiful links shined in the rays of sunlight. Artemis and her powerful electric musket…………………



Artemis Diana:

I thought Fawkes to be a very interesting person. First his arm was clockwork, second he had an INSANE connection to Sasha his spiked chain. I saw a flash on the rooftops behind him and he asked “What’s wrong?”. The claw sunk into the wood pole like butter and our friend was propelled toward the wood, the claw released and he did a flip onto the ground. “Show off” Fawkes said under his breath. I greeted him a “Hello” and he took his goggles off, a grin plastered across his face. “Boy those runs are the best!” “I love my belt!”. Gorak and Theren came running up…………………………….


“I think we should use their ship.” “ Don’t care!” I forget what we settled on, but the rest of the day was a blur. I went to work in the forge with Leonardo and Gorak. Eventually night fell and it was time we leave…. The ship slid through the water silently. We were about to sail into the devils den. We crossed a beach in a clifflike area, with what looked like guard dogs and some people too. They asked what our business was and I think we told them we were here to get more dragonsmoke. “You gonna have to see the boss.” We met the gnoll on a beach and we only gave him part of the money…………….


All of a sudden fight broke out, seemed as if the Gnoll and some of his men have concentrated on Fawkes. There were men on the deck of the ships. I felt Rose get hot in my hand as i took her out of her holster. I moved the gun fluidly through the air and my barrage of three shots started. Blood erupted from the target’s chest as the bullets found their mark.. Enemies started to open cages that withheld beasts of legend, I saw one man fail at handling his, it almost bit his face off. Fawkes was having trouble fighting the gnoll and his lackeys. I looked over to see a monstrosity……………

Artemis Diana:



I looked over as leonardo fired a few rounds into the chimera, then I blasted somebody’s face off with my gun. Only to watch Fawkes get knocked out by that craptastic gnoll. The battle soon ended, Leonardo killing the chimera and somebody killing the gnoll. We started to imagine making a rum candy business or a tavern Leonardo thought it could make us a lot of money. Eventually we headed back and collected a reward from our mission.. Soon we headed…………………………………


The Broken Skull was bustling with activity. Bartenders handing out more beer to the already drunk losers. The wrestling rink was prepped and ready to go. My next fight seemed to be against a big bulky man with a moustache, good for pulling. We both got into the rink -BUBUMP- I cracked my knuckles -BUBUMP- he charged -BUBUMP-. It had begun. I landed the first couple of blows he then knocked the wind out of me. I pulled his moustache back and let go whipping him in the face with his own stache. We exchanged blows for a while and soon he was knocked down………………


Back into the sewers...

Back into the sewers…

After watching Fawkes’s stunning performance I felt a little dispirited. My match opponent was a Tulita. I walked into the rink and he rushed at me. I gave him a big punch to the chest, heaving he tried to attack me and I punched him a few more times and soon he was DOWN……………………….

After the cray cray old man Captain Lester Farrows who owns the boat and rides in the tunnels came up to us. The Tulita had told us that someone had been storing all the city’s alchemist’s fire, which was like the Great Burning against the Tulita many years ago. We learned from Farrows that a lady took his sail barge to a certain part of the sewers with a lot of alchemists fire. We headed down into the sewers. The barge had a musty scent as we headed to our location. 15 minutes later we arrived.

What will our heroes do next time!
Find out from someone else because I’m done



XP so far:

Bala Artemis Diana – 46,587
Fawkes Ransom – 57,987
Gorak – 50,437
Nexter – 22,999
Leonardo – 51,637
Theren – 53,318

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9 responses to “Razor Coast 2, #13: Stomping Out the Source

  1. Athos

    January 9, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    You made Fawkes look like a wimp with short term memory loss!

    • Meenuman (or nick)

      January 10, 2014 at 7:07 am

      Well I couldn’t remember about the ship and what was I supposed to write about the day it would jut be boring crap

  2. Athos

    January 9, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Also we took our boat, that’s why they fought us

    • ronaldsf

      January 9, 2014 at 8:56 pm

      Yep, they recognized your boat as not the same one they’d loaded with dragonsmoke

  3. Emmett

    January 9, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    thanks for adding my nuke the moon thought

  4. Meenuman (or nick)

    January 10, 2014 at 7:08 am

    Also I now have figurins what ever I don’t know how to spell it

    • ronaldsf

      January 10, 2014 at 7:54 am

      Eh? You have your own miniatures/figurines? That would be cool


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