Rules for the Tournament Championship!

08 Jan

steel-cageThe Championship is set for Wednesday, Jan. 29. (The deadline for characters this Friday is FIRM, however.)

Okay, so I’ve done some thinking about how to make a three-way fight fair (so that it doesn’t start with two teams teaming up against a third).

I will GM THREE SIMULTANEOUS ARENA ROOMS, in which each team competes against the others to be the FIRST to kill the same foe, which will appear in each arena.

Here are the rules:

  1. Each arena will be an 60-foot-square STEEL CAGE, with an 60-foot ceiling. (The cage is made up of one-foot steel squares — one must be Tiny to squeeze through. And yes, you can slam someone against it — Grappling your opponent to deal damage, while adjacent to a wall of the steel cage, yields double damage.)
  2. The steel cages will be arrayed in a close triangle. (So you can attack your opposing teams, but it might not be to your advantage — see scoring system.)
  3. There are 3 Battles, each cage with its own foe.
  4. At the start of each Battle, each team positions itself at the outer end of its cage, and the foe appears at the inner, opposite end.
  5. When a Battle starts, we roll initiative! All three cages are run simultaneously.
  6. The first team whose opponent is killed scores a number of points equal to the default CR for that Battle (see #8), and the second team whose opponent is killed scores one-half of that. (If there are only two teams competing (see #10), the last team whose opponent is killed scores zero.) Once the first opponent is killed, its corresponding team cannot take any more actions until the start of the next Round.
  7. Every Battle has a time limit. (Each subsequent Battle has more time than the previous Battle.) When time runs out, we break ties by comparing HP. For each team, its current HP is divided by its original HP, resulting in a Percentage Score X. We do the same for its monster opponent, resulting in a Percentage Score Y. X minus Y results in that team’s score to compare with every other remaining team’s score.
  8. Each Battle will have a foe. The first Battle will have a default CR 7 challenge. The next Round will have a default CR 8 challenge, and so on. Only after your Level 10 Tournament characters are finalized will I announce what those foes will be. (I will make a set of encounters that presents a variety of challenges.) At the beginning of any Round, a team can “pass” its encounter and skip to the next-higher-CR encounter instead. (Each team can only do this once.)
  9. The One-Third Rule will work differently: it is now a limit to what you can use in a single Battle. You can heal yourselves after each battle and apply buffs, and then 2d4 hours pass afterward. There is NO resting to regenerate daily abilities.
  10. If any team should fall out of the running (i.e., cannot possibly win once all the points are totaled), it is eliminated.
  11. When the period ends (at about 5:00pm, when cleanup begins), we compare all the teams’ scores. The winning team gets 100 XP each! (The 2nd place team gets 15 XP each; the 3rd place team gets 7 XP each. If a team that earned only half XP because of the tie during the Semi-Final makes 1st place or 2nd place, that team additionally gets its remaining 25 XP as if it had won its Semi-Final.)
  12. If, for some reason, there is a tie between two teams, then they will have a tie-breaking match on another date.=
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