Kingmaker #10: Clearing the Greenbelt!

17 Dec

After the last installment, Skia Canticum started dragging the passed-out Stag Lord through the fort while Pellius offered an aerial distraction. You will now see how the Founders of Esper rid the Northern Greenbelt of bandits and made way for the establishment of their new kingdom!


We had noticed a creepy-looking basement when we observed the former Stag Lord’s fort. We questioned the two surrendered bandits and they claimed it was the home only to some “creepy guy” that healed their wounds once in a while….

4th day of Erastus, 4680 AR

Kingmaker Log
by Neskaghir the Hobgoblin

After I threw the rope over to John Snow, I tied the rope to a post. This allowed me to concentrate on the task at hand: killing the guy in the watchtower who was shooting at someone. Judging by the explosions in the distance, he was probably shooting at Pellius. I charged him, my longsword raised…let’s just say he won’t be shooting at anybody anytime soon. I went to the next watchtower, but the guy in there noticed me coming with a longsword dripping with fresh blood and he ran for his life. He should, all he had for armor was a flimsy leather cloak. Unfortunately, flimsy leather cloaks are lightweight and one can run much faster in them than in my rather bulky scale mail. I managed to get one blow in him since the only way to run was right past me. I chased him around the entire fort until he ran into my comrades. I got to finish him off.

Apparently my comrades were battling a few regular bandits, one calm, smart-looking bandit, and one ugly, cross-eyed, drunk, dumb-looking bandit with a wooden club. The calm one ripped off his bandit badge or whatever it was. Either he realized he was fighting a losing battle and wanted to join us, or he just wanted to kill the guy with the club. He got to do both.

When all of the bandits, including the Stag Lord, were either dead or unconscious, I showed the party the knocked-out watchtower guy I had chased down. Skia immediately recognized him as the infamous criminal Falgrim Sneeg. I had wanted to get a bigger share of the reward, but Oasîn said the following: “Neskaghir, going by that would mean Skia would get a bigger share of the reward for the Stag Lord and Pellius would get a bigger share in general because he made much more commotion. The reward for just coming here initially would be canceled in the confusion as well, so shut up, you dolt! It’s not all about you.” Sometimes I hate her infallible internal sense of logic and reasoning.

I forgot to mention that two of the bandits were not felled, they had simply surrendered. We had noticed a creepy-looking basement when we observed the former Stag Lord’s fort. We worried that it might be a bandit hideout containing dozens of bandits waiting for us to leave so that they could continue with their banditry. We questioned the two surrendered bandits and they claimed it was the home only to some “creepy guy” that healed their wounds once in a while. We went down to investigate and found a wolverine. I attacked the wolverine and for some reason my comrades got really angry at me. Pellius bombed me! For attacking a wolverine, darn it! The wolverine disappeared and a swarm of bats showed up that were impossible to kill. We went crazy, or at least I went crazy not being able to do anything except run away. For reasons unknown the bats dissipated and the wolverine reappeared and attacked us. See, Pellius? He WAS evil!! Pellius bombed me for NOTHING!!! Anyway, we killed the wolverine who transformed back into a human and looked like an old version of the Stag Lord. He was his the Stag Lord’s father! After gathering a lot of loot we went back to Brevoy.

This concludes the Kingmaker log by Neskaghir the hobgoblin.



XP so far:
John Snow – 10,912
Neskaghir – 11,363
Oasîn – 12,112
Pellius Wintrish – 9.593
Skia Canticum – 9,712

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