Advanced Class Guide Playtest update!

09 Dec

Here is an update on the Advanced Class Guide playtest, which will bring 10 NEW CLASSES to the Pathfinder RPG! (See the last Guild post about it.)

-Your Grandmaster

From Paizo:

It’s been almost three weeks since the Advanced Class Guide Playtest kicked off. Throughout this process the design team has poured through thousands of posts containing feedback, concerns, ideas, and playtest data. First off, thank you for all of your hard work.

Now its time to see it pay off. The revised version of the playtest document is LIVE. As one of the playtesters who has already downloaded this file, you can download the updated file at In particular, here are some of the big changes you will find inside.

  • Arcanist: We removed the blood focus ability and replaced it with Arcane Reservoir. Now the arcanist can draw upon the pool of power to fuel arcanist exploits.
  • Bloodrager: We clarified how the bloodrage powers work and when you gain access to them. We also added Eschew Materials as a bonus feat.
  • Brawler: This class can now use all weapons from the weapons listed under the “close” fighter weapon group. We also added a new ability for 20th level!
  • Hunter: The hunter’s companion got a power boost, gaining access to an animal focus all the time. We also added some teamwork feats specifically for the hunter.
  • Investigator: In place of sneak attack, the investigator can now study his foes to make deadly strikes gaining a bonus to hit and damage.
  • Shaman: The shaman now casts spells using the druid spell list, with a number of important additions to add the proper flavor to the spell list.
  • Skald: The skald now gets damage reduction as it goes up in level, and we clarified how rage works with his allies, allowing them to end the effect if they need to.
  • Slayer: The slayer now gets a better Hit Die and more skill points. We also added a few new slayer talents to add versatility to the class.
  • Swashbuckler: A number of the swashbucklers abilities got shuffled for balance and we added a feat to let you use slashing weapons with precise strike.
  • Warpriest: The warpriest now attacks with his level as his BAB when using his deity’s weapon (or any favored weapon) and the amount of damage dealt scales up over time.

There are a lot of other changes in the document, both big and small, and you will have to download it yourself to find them all. Of course, we are not done yet. This is just one step on the path to the final version of these classes. Give these new ones and try and let us know what you think. Post your feedback on the boards in the special threads created in the Class Discussion forum. Update your survey to let us know how we are doing.

We look forward to seeing what you have to say.

The playtest closes on December 17th, so get those games going now!

Thanks again,

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

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One response to “Advanced Class Guide Playtest update!

  1. Devon (Chaotic Evil)

    December 15, 2013 at 9:49 am

    So who wants to duel me?


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