Tournament: The Wild Card Round!

05 Dec

duelThe Fall 2013 Guild Tournament continues!

The following teams won their matches and will advance to the Quarter Finals:

Jebadiah Kerman (Pieter) + Aetheus (Sam V.)
Skaroband (Galen) + Garinn Reborn (Simon)
Soran (Salvatore) + Fat_Bald_Midget (Zander)
Athos + Horak (Otto)
Bobthetrollman and his minion (Devon) + Anger Management (Moises)

ALL contestants who advance to the Quarter Finals (including those who win in the Wild Card Round Monday) have until Tuesday, Dec. 10, 11:59PM to level-up their characters to Level 6. You each can start over on equipment and have 16,000 gold to spend (32,000 for your team combined).

The following contestants will face-off in the Wild Card Round for a last chance to qualify for the Quarter Finals!

Nima VS. Leroy Jenkins (Lucien)
Sleath Esther (Jasper) vs. Mothwing (Makoa)
Neskaghir (Nate) vs. Kick Butt (Samuel)
Marie Martin (Emmett) + Samuel
Bthardamz Mzulft (Ian M.) vs. Jürgen the Epic (Gio)

For the Wild Card Round, the THREE teams that have at least ONE member still standing advance to the Quarter Finals!

Again, here are my notes to all players and GMs about each character.
(I clarify certain rules and abilities to make sure everyone uses the Pathfinder rules correctly.)

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