Razor Coast 2, #12: Drugs and Fistfighting

30 Nov
skull-crossbones5Fawkes fought in the brawling tournament again. Apparently, he headbutted the Tulita in the face and stomach. He yelled, “Power to the balls!” while jumping on his genitals.

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Since we last left our heroes, they had a thrilling escape from Fort Stormshield after rescuing the Tulita elder, Milliauka and their new adventuring companion, the half-orc fighter Theren, from prison. They were chased through the sewers and had to fight ambushes that were set at the sewer exits.

Our tale continues and is told by Theren…

8th day of Arodus, 4713 AR

After fighting our way out of the sewers, we happened to bump into Jalia Ramires, the thief who was a former Wave Rider. She noticed that we smelled kind of disgusting from wading through the sewer water. We then remembered that the Dragoons made it illegal to go into the sewers. We also had prisoners that just got broken out. So Milliauka and I put some rags around our faces as we headed to Leonardo’s house to shower up.

Unfortunately, I got a little sick, but I was fine. We took Milliauka back to the Tulita and we got 3 leads from Mokoli Ali’i. There were two Port Shaw citizens, one of them wearing a jawbone (sign of the shark god, Dajobas) robbing Tulita and sleeping in their homes. There were also dragonsmoke-addicted Tulita we could talk to about where they got it. And the last lead was Tulita being killed by gatormen. (When we followed some gatormen they fled into the sewers.)

We wanted to investigate the person with the jawbone, but we had to wait ‘till the next night, so everyone but me went to the Broken Skull (I was afraid to be caught again). They told me that Fawkes tried in the qualifying round for fist fights against PYF (punch your face), a Tulita barbarian. Sadly, Fawkes lost.

The next day, we learned where the two bullies who had been breaking into peoples homes were. We went over and Leonardo clawshotted onto the roof and shot one of the bullies from up there. Then, Diana opened the door and shot the same one. He immediately transformed into a wereshark along with his buddy. Lots of people shot him as his friend grabbed a bow. I rushed in, missed and he missed me. After we knocked him out, We attacked his friend and I hit him with my double axe.

skull-crossbones5I leapt up and attacked two people who had just bought drugs. “Don’t! Do! Drugs!”, I yelled as I hit them three times with my double axe.

When he was unconscious, Fawkes pulled out his teeth and put them on Sasha, his spiked chain, and then we killed them. They had great loot and we split it between us all. I finally got a ranged weapon which was a longbow.

That night, we all went to the Broken Skull. Diana played poker and won all her games. Then Gorak, Leonardo, and Diana played darts against Jalia. Gorak won. Then, it was my turn to fight in the arena.

This was the second qualifying round for PYF. When I got into the arena, I charged him and hit him in the stomach. After that it was a blur, but I remember continuously hitting him in the face. Surprisingly, I won the match.

Soon after, many important people came in and I had to leave so nobody saw me. I was told that they talked to this toothless old man, Captain Lester Farrows. He offered to take us through the sewers any time. They also talked to Jalia about the Dragoons. She said that she thinks members of the Ring of the Kraken are officers. Also, they talked to a drunk man who was actually Captain Donovan Montgomery, the former captain of the Wave Riders.

Another man they talked to was Belok Talorg, a mean half-orc who was a Wave Rider. He also was #2 in the arena fights. He got angry after being talked to about his nose jewelry (who wears that?) and when asked if he knew what hygiene was he punched Diana in the face.

Also, Fawkes fought in the brawling tournament again. Apparently, he headbutted PYF in the face and stomach. I was also told he yelled, “Power to the balls!” while jumping on his genitals.

Afterwards, we all came up by the docks and we noticed some people with money waiting for something. Gorak hid by a building, Diana, Leonardo and Fawkes infiltrated their group, and I pretended to be drunk and homeless. A boat came and everyone started buying dragonsmoke.

Diana whipped out her gun and a brawl followed. Diana, Gorak, and Leonardo shot lots of them while Fawkes was being surrounded. I leapt up and attacked two people who had just bought drugs. “Don’t! Do! Drugs!”, I yelled as I hit them three times with my double axe. One fell to the ground unconscious while the other one ran.

Diana and Leonardo proceeded to jump onto the boat and stab/shoot them. Gorak shot one person running and Fawkes ran in full armor, jumped onto the boat and cleaved the last two people. I then ran and hit the last person running away. I then dumped the dragonsmoke in the water where it couldn’t be smoked.

Just listen kids, don’t do drugs. Violence is fine, but no drugs.

-Theren (Emmitt)


XP so far:

Bala Artimes Diana – 44,747
Fawkes Ransom – 51,747
Gorak – 46,197
Nexter – 22,000
Leonardo – 44,597
Theren – 42,638

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  1. ronaldsf

    December 5, 2013 at 9:29 am

    This was an awesome writeup, Emmett!


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