Kingmaker #8: Timely Visits

05 Nov

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Ajax Alexander
Dr. Frasier
November 4, 2013

Many nights i sat wondering how i could become a hero. Dr. Frasier told us to write something, so i wrote about heroes. These heroes are also known as the Founders of the Greenbelt: Oasin Skavanafi, Ur, Neskaghir, Sissario Chhiat, Pellius Wintrish, John Snow and many others this essay does not include.

Neskaghir, a new Founder of the Greenbelt.

My story is about a dream I had. I was a ghost drifting above all these adventurers. It was the middle of Sarenith during the Founding Year, 4680 AR. The only traveler that saw me seemed to be Pellius the strix. We had a strange conversation about how fish should not exist. He hovered above me and we chatted for a while. When he broke from the conversation, I could have sworn the bard made eye contact with me.

We arrived at Oleg’s Trading Post which is now a museum that my mother works at. It was a little different than the restored version. They met Neskaghir there — a hobgoblin who had elaborate designs for the new land and became a new ally — and an agent of the great Swordlords of Restov. He wasn’t very nice. Strange how history is often twisted. When the bard calmed him down, he went to check on the kobold nation inside the reserve which at the time did not exist, while Oasin and Ur went with him.

Then the travelers went to a place charted on our maps as the Banishing Lands. There they met a man and told him strange words:

You are you,
I am me,
We are we,
What is the fish?
(Pellius squawks angrily)

And the strange man said, “The chipmunks dined at nine.” Then he said, “By the stillborn babe of Lamashtu, who wants to know.” And he slipped away into the foliage.

They wandered southwest until they found a potent land with what they decided was a scalped unicorn. They then entered a cave where there were undead creatures that might have killed them had Sissario not distracted the creatures for a while.

When they returned to daylight, I awoke to a great pounding at my door i was about to be late for school. i wonder what it means.”

-Ajax Alexanders (Friend of Grace)


XP so far:
John Snow – 7,960
Neskaghir – 6,309

Pellius Wintrish – 5,739
Sissario Chhiat – 6,337

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