Razor Coast 2, #10: The Attack on Sasha

02 Nov


Since we last left our heroes, a woman skilled with guns named Bala Artemis Diana, who had suddenly appeared through a dimensional rift and had been living with the Tulita, joined the party. Their story continues…

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26th day of Erastus, 4713 AR

My name’s Fawkes Ransom, and this is a small example of my daily life.

The story starts on our ship. We had just started a battle with a pirate ship. I hadn’t used Sasha all day and I was about to get my chance: a man was walking toward me, an orc. He came right up to me, looked me in the eye and took a grab at Sasha.  How could he, what horrible thoughts went into his head to try to rip beloved Sasha from my hands.  Could you think of any reason that you would want to deprive me of Sasha, ANY REASON !?!?!?!?!?  The inhumanity that must have gone through his head when he tried to snatch her from my hands.  Luckily he missed, so I retorted, I swiveled her around the handle of his axe and pulled.

The axe jerked out of his hand and landed on the deck of the ship, when suddenly we heard a loud bang.  We looked over and saw my captain with a gun pointed at a dead body lying on the other ship.  The opposite crew quickly dropped their weapons. We brought them below deck. There also turned out to be quite a lot of dragonsmoke on board (much to the delight of Gorak), and we found out they were going to trade it in exchange for some slaves with some smuggler outside of Port Shaw. Their captain was a sorcerer. We questioned her but she turned into gas and floated away when we got too violent.

And Theren, that orc that tried to take away Sasha, became one of our friends, How he managed to gain my trust I have no idea, not only did he try to disarm me of Sasha, but he is an Orc! I mean no offense to the orc community — I’m sure there are some very nice orcs out there — but we already tried having an orc in our party and look how that turned out. (Oh, and if Gorak is reading this I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just that you did get my brother captured by jumping out of a toilet screaming and firing your gun all over the place so yeah).

After we left the ship, we received a message from a Tulita man we knew whose name I’m afraid i cant pronounce saying to see him right away. That night, Diana recruited a new companion to the party, a cleric of Sarenrae named Nexter.

When we saw the Tulita elder, he said something about the red moon that appeared in the sky a week ago. He said that it is a sign that Dajobas the shark god will rise again.  After this ominous remark, we went to the town meeting in Port Shaw, where the rich Barrison Hargrove gave a speech and blamed all the problems on the Tulita, even one of the attacks that we led. The elder Tulita man then was wrongly accused for a crime, so we decided to rescue him.  We planned everything out and then went into an alternate universe where we did a test of our plan. Let’s just say it didn’t go to well, but I think we learned.

-Fawkes Ransom (Athos)


XP so far:

Bala Artimes Diana – 35,627
Fawkes Ransom – 43,027
Gorak – 38,677

Nexter – 15,485
Leonardo – 41,077
Theren – 28,158

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    True otto had tons of caffeine that session

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      Yet another reason why YOU SHOULDN’T DO DRUGS hehe. Otto, next time a cop comes visits your class to talk about the dangers of drugs, tell your compelling story

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    A drink with the name of “Bawls”

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    But its my FRIIENNDD


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