Kingmaker #5: Strange Travelings Indeed

11 Oct

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“In our last class, we talked about the Founders’ defeat of the mite tribe beneath The Old Sycamore and returned the stolen statue to the the Sootscale Kobolds. There, they found out just in a nick of time that the kobolds lived in fear of their leader, the gnome-turned-kobold Tartuk who had been ruling them by conjuring illusions and inventing a false god. They allied with the kobolds’ previous leader, Chief Sootscale and led a rebellion against Tartuk! They then made an arrangement with the Chief, where the kobolds would trade with the Founders and gain protection from the new courtdom!

“Now we turn to an excerpt from the Diary of Roll Weed. Who would like to read?”


A picture of Roll Weed

20th day of Pharast, 4680 AR

Yo the faerie dragon was wandering through forest in search of his playmate who has yet t’ be known t’ me. Yo calls him the guardian of Lamshtu. Yo says, “Be very quiet and listen, and you can hear the secrets trying t’ escape their cage. A cleric seeks t’ destroy the guardian’s secret and keep hidden from view.” (Yo thinks us grigs tend to be lazy but Yo is just as well when not in need.) Anyway, sorry, I like stories but I’m bad at telling such wonder-filled tales.

So Yo goes to hill top and spies a herd of beasts ten feet tall and very fat and smelly. I guessed trolls. (See I am very good with guessing games!) So Yo relay back to me when he returns from helping. Although he really needs to straighten out those priorities of his and help more than standing on a hill and then coming home and back to friend. As I says, faerie dragons are very lazy some times. But so I go, “to heck, maybe Roll Weed could help more” (excuse my sylvan swearing) “$#&%&!.” Any who, and so I go to hill and find no one but I smell a stinky odor going in direction of “civilization” and sadly think to me self, “Oh no trolls follow travelers back to goody goody humans who can’t take care of them selfs.”

Then the wind catches my nose: clean kobolds!!! Oh my haven’t smelled that since, well, since oh heck I’ve never smelled clean kobold, must be Mikmek’s followers! Friends of Roll Weed! So I turn up at Oleg’s in disguise. Cool right? No! I smell like strawberries. Ewwww!

“So on goes the rambling of Roll Weed, but now historians of the Greenbelt can say the Founders’ journey since was followed closely by Roll Weed who on her death bed, 300 years later, gave us her diary.

“Afterward, as the travelers approached Oleg’s Trading Post, they got what they needed and headed off a few days later. They came to a river after some while of exploring and found a bridge haunted by a ghost beknownst to us nowadays as Toll Man’s Hidden Crumble. They met the ghost and got his request under their belt to give him the body of the Stag Lord. This ghost is known to us as the great prisoner ghost Davik Nettles.

“They went back to Oleg’s and found new members to ride along — a paladin newly arrived from Restov named John Snow — and left Bellatrix behind to help guard the Trading Post. When they went exploring again, they found our most famous landmark, The Talon Tree, and found beneath it a cloak, a ring, and a dagger of fine artisanship. They then defeated a giant spider thanks to John Snow’s wits and speed. They found many skeletons of bandits down the spider’s lair and a map leading to the Talon Tree’s treasure. They had also begun the first structure of our own town, known as Cantor’s Village. With the help from the Sootscale Kobolds, our first allies, they slowly began to make of our first structure. As the travelers retraced their steps, they cane across a giant whiptail centipede. It gave them a few wounds and they killed it.

“And so go the accounts of Roll Weed and other historians. I hope you have learned a little about the history of our courtdom.

“And class dismissed!”

– As explained by Madame Grace


XP so far:
John Snow – 1,458
Oasîn – 5,274
Ur – 4,074

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