Razor Coast 1, #5: Trekking Through Muck

10 Oct

Tropical-Skyrim-6[2]This is a great writeup from Salvatore from the Razor Coast #1 campaign that got lost in my email, so I’m posting it several sessions late. Catch up on the other summaries from the ongoing Razor Coast #1 campaign!

-The Grandmaster

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28th day of Sarenith, 4713 AR

skull-crossbones5They thought they should make rafts, and so they did. It took them until twilight to finish two good rafts. On the other side of the lake, there was an abandoned temple made of stone. Coming from the temple you could hear a song…

Splop … sguish … sqash. Traveling through the muck of Blacksink Marsh was a group of adventurers known by the names of Nightflame, Ziara, Skarru and Diana, trying to find the lost Tulita children. Going forward, they found a river and started following it. Ziara heard something swimming through the water after about an hour on the trail. Ziara quickly turned her head and saw a giant mouth full of razor sharp teeth snap near her face! Scared, she jumped out of the way and pulled out Shadowsong, her deadly rapier. Skarru charged into the water and attacked it with his sword, striking the alligator. Diana pulled out her musket and shot the creature in the head, killing it, and said “Now that’s how the pros do it!”

Diana went over to the bloated gator, took its teeth thinking they made good bone daggers. Beside her, Skarru tried skinning the the scaly gator but failed badly by making the alligator float down the river.  After that, they continued going through the muck.

Finally, they got to a tree that might help them find the children. But Nightflame spotted a crazy four-armed gorilla-like creature covered in matted white fur, being hung by two hooks on top of the tree. It roared, spotting us. Skarru said, “Mabye it’s friendl–“. ROAR!!!! It screamed, unhooking itself from the tree. Skarru yelled to his friends, “I take that back. This one of the craziest looking gorillas I have ever seen,” shooting it in the arm. Nightflame yelled back, “This is not a gorilla. It’s a GIRALLON,” shooting it with a lightning bolt and hitting it in the chest. Ziara spoke up and said “smart ass,” throwing her favorite dagger Chaos at it. Diana shot the creature in the forehead and said, “Are you guys done yet? Because I am ready to move on to killing some real monsters.” When Nightflame started arguing with Diana about how she was not the only person who killed monsters in the group, Skarru and Ziara found a trail of footprints leading on.

skull-crossbones5Nightflame yelled back, “This is not a gorilla. It’s a GIRALLON!”

The trail led to a small dock on the side of a muddy lake. They thought they should make rafts, and so they did. It took them until twilight to finish two good rafts. On the other side of the lake, there was an abandoned temple made of stone. Coming from the temple you could hear a song, “Hush little baby, don’t you cry, gator is here to protect from you to die.” Another song they were singing was: “Twinkle, twinkle little babe, all be fine if you will stay, if you don’t you’ll be scared, you will have to find a gator, Twinkle twinkle little babe don’t you run away.”

The next morning at dawn, they decided to leave shore into the muddy lake. But soon after they got attacked by a lady that popped out of the lake with a child jawbone in her hand and a whirlwind of water around her. She smashed into the boat with Diana and Ziara. Shooting the lady, Diana told Ziara to row us out of her. The other boat with Skarru and Nightflame in it went to the dock again, scared of the lady. But Skarru said that he was going to help even if Nightflame did not want to. So Skarru shot the the lady. Nightflame saw this and said “One day you’re going to get us killed, Bloodbane!” and threw a lightning bolt at her. The lady turned her head at Nightflame, gave him an angry look, and charged at him, shaking the boat. “Nobody is getting killed on my watch,” said Diana, killing the lady with her gun.

They continued on through the muddy lake. When the group got to the temple they saw a huge pillar, they also found out that the temple was flooded with dirty water. When the adventurers got to the pillar, Diana spotted a hole at the top of it. Diana took out her grappling hook and threw it into the hole at the top of the pillar. When she got to the top, she saw darkness. A claw attacked her from out of nowhere. Diana got attacked three more times before she got a chance to blast its head off. After killing the creature, she lit a torch and saw that it was a white monkey (undead). She dived off the pillar doing a triple back flip in the air and landed in the muddy water.

When Diana got back on the raft, she said to continue on. They found a flooded entrance, where inside they found two gatormen! Diana charged into battle with a scimitar striking one of the gatormen. Meanwhile, Ziara stabbed the other gatorman with Shadowsong. Skarru struck the same gatorman with his sword, while Nightflame was thinking of what he could do for the group. The gatormen stabbed, bit and tail-slashed Skarru, who then fell unconscious. Diana kept slashing at the gatormen, while Ziara swam to Skarru to heal him with a cure light wounds wand. Diana took a step back and took out her gun and blew one of the gatormen’s head off with a crit, then turned to the other one and shot it in the chest, killing it. The group decided to go back home seeing how tough the gatormen were.

The Grandmaster continues the Tale…

Back in Port Shaw, they decided to pay a visit to the Tulita in the outskirts of town. They talked with Mokoli Ali’i, a militant leader of the former natives. The party wanted to help the Tulita rise up against the Dragoons. But Mokoli Ali’i and the Tulitas’ spiritual leader said that the Tulita were too demoralized and divided. One of the problems was that the Jawbone of Kaho Ali’i, which their legends said would be worn by the “Son of Pele” who would lead the Tulitas in winning their freedom, was stolen a few months ago.

After some investigating in Port Shaw, the party found a witness who had seen the thief who took the jawbone go into a service tunnel into the sewers. After venturing some distance into the sewers, they found a crab-shaped man walking on two legs! He introduced himself as Bartholomew and explained that he accidentally came in with the tide and was now lost. The party gladly led him out of the sewers.

After exchanging farewells, the party ventured into the dark…

And so endeth the session…

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