Important NEW RULES for The Guild!

16 Sep

New rules!

“The wight gropes at you… and hits!”

That was one of the worst things you could have heard while playing in old Dungeons & Dragons. Why? In original D&D, some particularly nasty undead creatures DRAINED LEVELS simply by touching you. You’d be condemned to the next lower level (sometimes you’d lose TWO levels!), and your XP would be at the halfway point for your level. So, say you currently have 4,900 XP in Pathfinder and you’re Level 2. If a wight touched you, you would automatically go down to Level 1 and have only 1,000 XP. And you would have no saving throw! Old D&D was HARDCORE.

This is my none-too-gentle way of introducing the fact that, if you’re returning to the Guild this fall, you probably have lost a level. (XP chart)

Wights were NASTY little buggers.

Wights were nasty little buggers.


1. I am increasing the XP requirements in the Guild.

That means that most of you who are returning are now a slightly lower level in the Guild.

Why do this? The reality is that, at the rate we were going, some of you were going to reach Level 25(?!) before finishing at King, and the Guild would have become even more unwieldy than it already is. And let’s face it — we are thin in our ability to GM the complexity of a mid-level (Level 6-10) adventure, let alone a high-level or epic-level adventure…

2. You now have TWO important things to increase while in the Guild: your XP, and your “Guild Account.”

Your Guild Account is how much gold (in coins and magic items) you have accumulated from adventuring, GMing, etc.

This is different from the actual treasure you get adventuring! For example, if one person in a party of four snags the magic item worth 10,000 GP, each player still gets 2,500 GP in his or her Guild Account.

If you ever create a new character, your new character starts with an amount of gold equal to what is in your Guild Account.

3. For those of you returning, your wealth has been “reset” to a number matching your level. 

This is to get us back on track, given some of the random treasure drops from last year. For those of you who had little wealth in the spring, you’re in luck! For those of you who had a lot for your level… well, you’re not. But this is the ONLY time this change will happen.

The start of the school year is also the best time to implement a much simpler and more elegant XP system! So here goes:

4. New, Simpler XP system!

You start at Level 1 with 100 XP. Every time you get to the next hundred, you level up! So the first number in your total is your level. For example, if you have 850 XP, you are Level 8.

Every 100 XP you earn advances you to the next level. So Level 2 members have 200 or more XP, Level 3 students have 300 or more XP, and so on. (It’s so elegant I want to cry!)

I have done the math and have scaled all of your XP totals to the new system, but as I said I have “raised” the XP requirements by making advancement one-sixth slower.

You earn XP by:

  • Attending the Guild: The MINIMUM you get for everything that day is 2 XP per hour (only 1 XP if you’re not doing anything Guild related)
  • Adventuring: rewarded by your GM and Grandmaster (a typical showing of skill and accomplishments gets you about 6 XP per hour)
  • GMing: EITHER the amount of XP your players earned PLUS 25%, OR 8 XP per hour of actual GMing, whichever is higher
  • Writing a Character Bio: 6 XP or more
  • “Extraordinarily Awesome” Bonus for an extraordinarily awesome adventure write-up: up to 15 XP
  • Other things the Grandmaster decides


  • Slob Penalty #1 – Personally not doing much to help clean your Assigned Table: up to -1 XP for each hour you were in the Guild
  • Slob Penalty #2 – Your Assigned Table has been left unfinished (it doesn’t matter if others didn’t help, you must finish it!): up to -1 XP for each hour you were in the Guild
    NOTE: You might get hit with BOTH Slob Penalties!
  • Disrupting a game in session: -3 XP or more
  • Electronic gaming without the Grandmaster’s permission: -3 XP
  • Disobeying a direct order from the Grandmaster: -6 XP
  • Disrespecting another member of the Guild: at least -6 XP
  • Continued unacceptable behavior: leaving for the day, and possibly the Guild permanently

See the new XP Log for 2013-14!

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