Razor Coast 2, #8: Floating in Filth

15 Sep


skull-crossbones5As soon as Leonardo saw the corpse, he stumbled, his eyes misted over, and looked up at Fawkes and gasped in a voice that was not his own: “Don’t touch the body.”

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3rd day of Erastus, 4713 AR

The water was rising, and Fawkes and Gavid had no means of escape. But from the other side of the wall Gorak and Leonardo were trying their best to create a hole, to drain the water. A few bullets later there was a hole big enough for Fawkes to squeeze though and Gavid being 2 feet tall had no issues. Once they where all relatively safe they continued on there journey to find the jawbone.

Before long they came to a room that stank of rotting corpses. As they examined the room further, they knew why. In the middle was a body that was so unmistakably dead that Fawkes did not want to know how he died. Half of his chest had been torn out, a few ribs were showing, though the flesh and blood and most of his features had been eaten away by maggots.

As soon as Leonardo saw the corpse, he stumbled, his eyes misted over, and looked up at Fawkes and gasped in a voice that was not his own: “Don’t touch the body.” Then his eyes cleared he regained his balance and stood upright.  The group heeded Leonardo’s warning and instead shot the body which made little difference. A swarm of centipedes crawled out and scuttled toward the nearest person. The party fought the swarm with fire that somehow produced a giant explosion in the tunnel! The blast made a hole in the wall, and water started to flood it. The horde of centipedes was destroyed, but the party had to swim back toward the corpse.

Fawkes was struck by a sudden inspiration that he himself could not explain. He picked up one of the roasted centipedes and attempted to pick out the poison. Meanwhile, Leonardo strode up to the dead body and examined it, and there tucked away under the ribs was the Tulita Jawbone of Kaho Ali’i! He picked it up and held it to the light, and he could see it had–

“I got it!” Shouted Fawkes proudly. “I got the poison out of the centipede!” He was holding up a grossly pulsating green pod.

“That’s the poison sac?” questioned Leonardo.

“Yeah” said Fawkes enthusiastically, and without further ado he lifted up the dissected centipede and plopped it into his mouth. And here you see that even when he is playing a sophisticated hero, Athos just can’t help but eat anything that he could fit into his mouth.

– As recounted by Sir Athos


XP so far:

Gavid Doins – 23,381
Gorak – 32,177
Fawkes Ransom – 31,577
Leonardo – 32,777

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3 responses to “Razor Coast 2, #8: Floating in Filth

  1. Meenuman (or nick)

    September 16, 2013 at 9:01 pm

    You forgot about the gohst thing

    • ronaldsf

      September 18, 2013 at 6:43 am

      What ghost?

  2. the one who rote this

    October 18, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    what ghost


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