Fall Campaigns!

15 Aug

This fall, our first Mythic campaign (Wrath of the Righteous) begins, and there will be a new influx of flesh and blood once school starts! All this means a rearranging of the groups. If you already are in a campaign, your spot in that campaign is “reserved.” Beyond that, it’s first come, first serve — the early bird gets the worm — you snooze, you lose!

If you are interested in being part of one or more of these campaigns, have your parents contact the Grandmaster at ronald.cruz AT

#1. Heroes of Kassen (one spot open)


We are not running an Adventure Path — you can figure out along with your party what kind of campaign you want this to become! The group started as young people in Kassen, where they had their first adventure in the Crypt of the Everflame. They are now trying to rescue missing children and have found themselves exploring a nearby dwarven ruin, Droskar’s Crucible. (Currently Level 3)

Heroes of Kassen Campaign Page

#2. Kingmaker (two spots open)

kingmakerDo you want to clear land for your own kingdom and run it? This campaign is a slow build, as you begin as first-level adventurers given a charter to clear an untamed wilderness to found and build a kingdom. Eventually, you will find yourselves dividing up responsibilities to manage a burgeoning kingdom, handling petitions from citizens, and defending it from invaders! Throughout the campaign, your time is spent exploring and mapping an unknown wilderness. This is one of Paizo’s most popular Adventure Paths (second to Rise of the Runelords), and for good reason. (Currently Level 2, goes up to Level 17)

Kingmaker Campaign Page
Read the adventure so far!

#3. Razor Coast (two groups, with one spot open)


Razor Coast is a Caribe-Polynesian flavored, Age of Sail swashbuckling RPG campaign. Says its designer Nicolas Logue: “We filled it with corrupt municipal Dragoons, dastardly smuggling rings, weresharks – lots of weresharks – desperate naval battles, oppressed tribes craving heroes, witches, cursed islands, legendary treasure troves, an impending apocalypse or two, demon pirates, retired assassins, undead worms, gator men, failed heroes waiting to be redeemed, dark conspiracies brewing in the oceans depths, vengeful ghosts…oh – and mutating cannibal pygmies. Who doesn’t like those?” (Currently at Level 6, goes up to Level 12. If folks are up to it, I have an idea that will take us up to Level 19 or 20 as well…)

Razor Coast, Group 1 Campaign Page
Read the adventure so far!

Razor Coast, Group 2 Campaign Page
Read the adventure so far!

#4. Rise of the Runelords (five spots open)


In the sleepy coastal down of Sandpoint, evil is brewing. A raid of the town quickly turns into something more ominous as the shadows of a dark past come back to haunt them—and perhaps all of Varisia. Can the heroes stop the awakening of an ancient evil? At the beginning of the campaign, you start off as a young person about to finish school at Sandpoint’s Turandarok Academy. Expect to go on an epic journey through the land of Varisia as you track depraved killers, delve deep into ancient dungeons to reclaim weapons of unbelievable power, and find an ancient, forgotten city. Will you survive the Rise of the Runelords? (Starts at Level 1, goes up to Level 17)

Rise of the Runelords Campaign Page
Read the adventure so far! (DO NOT READ if you are a player in this campaign starting from the beginning!)

#5. Wrath of the Righteous (two spots open)


WAGE WAR AGAINST DEMONKIND! You are in Kenabres, one of the cities on the border edging the Worldwound. However, the ancient wardstones that have kept the demons in check are starting to falter. Can you stop the armies of Deskari, the demon lord of the Locust Host, from overrunning all of Golarion? Because you are taking on demons and their commanders, this will be the first Adventure Path to use Pathfinder’s upcoming Mythic Rules (see preview here) to make your characters almost into demi-gods.

(We will start at Level 1 and go up to Level 20 plus 10 Mythic Tiers! That’s the equivalent of 25th level!)

Wrath of the Righteous Campaign Page


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2 responses to “Fall Campaigns!

  1. patto35150

    August 16, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Nick and I are also running an adventure path called Second Darkness. We have three spots open.

    • ronaldsf

      August 16, 2013 at 1:39 pm

      Hey! Is that the Paizo Adventure Path you’re running? Or is it something you made up on your own?

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