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25 Jul

The Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path will be released starting next month. And I’ve just found out that it starts at Level 1 but goes up to Level 20 PLUS 10 mythic tiers from the new Mythic Adventures book. That’s the equivalent of 25th level! I’m going to start running it outside of King M.S. at the beginning of September. *drool*


Wrath of the Righteous

How do you feel about stopping a demonic invasion? Your party is stationed near the Worldwound, and the ancient wardstones that have held back the ravenous demonic horde are starting to falter. The armies of Deskari, the demon lord of the Locust Host, threaten to swallow the world! Because you are taking on demons and their commanders, this will be the first Adventure Path to use Pathfinder’s upcoming Mythic Rules to make your characters virtual demi-gods.

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