Razor Coast 2, #3: Return to the Sewers

20 Jul


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9th day of Sarenith, 4713 AR

As the group went back into the sewers they were joined by two people:

Fawkes Ransom was a strapping man with sleek purple hair and a shiny clockwork prosthetic arm, which holds a long spiked chain ready to throttle, slash, and rip apart enemies with a single blow.  A vest full of bits and bobs fit snugly around his chest.  When Fawkes had heard that his brother, Jack, had been captured and being tortured he had immediately come to help.

Stephanie, a wizard with a fireball that can sizzle the sausage out of anyone in her way, had heard of her sister’s failure and had come to take her place.

skull-crossbones5Stephanie sent her water elemental to throw the heads up into the jail.  They heard screaming…

Once they had all introduced themselves, they headed back into that dark, dank place that was the sewers to see if they could rescue Jack Ransom.  After they had walked for a little while, they saw a gigantic glass monument in the shape of a bottle engraved into the front: the word BAWLS. Through it they saw a small light and heard muffled voices.  Two of the group approached cautiously accidentally alerting one of the guards that was standing by the light!  Fawkes, knowing that their time for sneaking was up, charged toward one of the guards and embedded his chain deep into the guard’s flesh. The guard stumbled, but was not mortally wounded. Seeing that the battle had started, the others rushed in.  The battle continued in this vein for several minutes, until one of the guards tried to run toward the ladder that led up to the surface. They chased after him and eventually caught up.  Gorak shot him, and they proceeded to rip off the heads of all the guards…

Stephanie sent her water elemental to throw the heads up into the jail.  They heard screaming. Thinking that they couldn’t go in now that they had attracted so much attention to themselves, the group decided to start sailing, and went to pick up the ship that they had bought the previous day.

Before they could board the ship a man stopped them, and asked them to come with him. The group agreed that they would come, and walked with him to a small house, Fawkes’ arm clicking as they went. He invited them to come in and once they were inside he closed the door and beckoned them to a small table in the corner. They met an elf who introduced himself as Viscount Senegar Deepwarder. He paced from the big bookcase to the small filing cabinet on the other side of the room.

skull-crossbones5Well, nothing like a good promise of gold to get you off your feet!

Finally he said, “I have a problem that… I don’t want to bring to the Dragoons. My niece and many of the town’s noble children sailed out to Sammerlock Sails, but they were attacked by a whale of all things! and I want you to investigate. People say that you’re adventures, and well, I certainly got one hell of an adventure here for you! What do you say?”

“What’s in it for us”” said Fawkes from the corner of the room.

“Gold,” the Viscount said. “Lots of it.”

Well nothing like a good promise of gold to get you off your feet! They met his niece, Jacinth Deepwarder. She told them how they were attacked by a whale, and then attacked by other creatures that swam out from the nearby shore on Dolentla Island. She was the only survivor. She found a piece of driftwood and flagged down a trading ship and returned to Port Shaw.

They set off the next morning! Jacinth said she would be the captain for this voyage and that she had a crew for them as well.

To Be Continued…


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