Rappan Athuk #3: Cleaning Out the Mouth of Doom

13 Jul


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24th day of Sarenith, 4713 AR

After defeating the ghouls the party left to explore more of Rappan Athuk. Mortimer, the necromancer cleric, had his ghoul open the door. The ghoul just stood there, looking in the room. Mortimer stepped closer to the door and held his mirror out so he could see inside the room. He saw some skeletons and the party went in. There were three skeletons on bedrolls with a chest near the wall. The ranger Aragorn shot an arrow at the chest to check if it was a mimic. The ninja Zero opened the chest and found some artisan’s clothing but underneath was a silk gown that could be sold for good money. Suddenly a drowsiness fell over the party and Aragorn’s badger nearly fell asleep. Soon the party left the room…

They came along a hallway and heard a creature at the end. Then a head peeked around the corner and the party went to the end of the hall to find five kobolds. Mortimer’s army charged forward to attack, and Zero tried to push through all the wolves but couldn’t make it. Aragorn charged at a kobold and pushed it to the wall then killed it.

Eventually the battle was over and the party continued down the hallway to find a large room with two big braziers burning with green fire. There were also columns with gargoyles on them. In one of the braziers was a big snake. Zero used his vanishing trick and strode into the room to check things out and the snake tried to attack him. It smelled him but didn’t hit and he tried to fire his shortbow but missed and appeared out of thin air, then fled back into the hallway. Then the army was back and the wolves killed it. Aragorn took the skin of the snake because it could be sold for a fair price of gold, then Mortimer reanimated it, as always.

The party backtracked through the hallway to an unexplored door that led into a room with beds and some lockers that held nothing of real value; one item was a bent copper piece. The party ventured to yet another unexplored door leading into a room, which had a hole in the ceiling and a fireplace. It seemed that the room was used for cooking.

snake“Aragorn took the skin of the snake because it could be sold for a fair price of gold, then Mortimer reanimated it, as always.”

As the party explored yet another room, centipedes came out of little holes in the wall. Mortimer’s army went to battle and Mortimer used his scythe. Zero killed three centipedes with his wakizashis, and Aragorn also used his sword. Eventually, centipedes stopped streaming out of the wall and the party left to the other door in the room. They found a tapestry depicting a scene of trolls fighting humans with horned helmets. A piece of the wall was missing. Then the party left back to the hallways.

They continued on to a room and Zero was urging to go further. Eventually, Mortimer told his ghoul to walk onto a little place on the side of the hallway and the ghoul fell down and took some damage. Then the party found another room where there were two snake statues and a staircase leading down. Zero scouted ahead looking for traps and one of the snakes tried to bite him, but Zero dodged and did a slash with his wakizashi which bounced harmlessly off the snake’s protective skin. Eventually, the party killed it.

Aragorn and Zero went down the stairs, then the stairs turned around into a slippery surface. Aragorn and Zero found themselves sliding down, and when they got to the bottom there were big fleshy mosquitoes on their butts. Zero killed his by slashing it and Aragorn pulled his off and it died soon by his sword. Then Mortimer slid down on his butt and one of his skeletal wolves got hurt but the rest didn’t.

The party went into a room where there was a statue of a dragon and a warrior riding it with a pool of strange water in front that looked a bit green. Zero left the room, turned invisible, and leaned against a wall. Meanwhile Mortimer cut the statue’s head off and the bat on the warrior’s shield animated and a fierce battle started with Mortimer and Aragorn winning. That is where we leave our adventurers off.

-Nick (Zero)

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Party’s XP so far: 18,783


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5 responses to “Rappan Athuk #3: Cleaning Out the Mouth of Doom

  1. Moises

    July 13, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    Me going to animate the trolls when we kill them

    • ronaldsf

      July 13, 2013 at 7:36 pm


    • ronaldsf

      July 13, 2013 at 7:39 pm

      It’s too bad we’ll have to wait until Aug 12 tho 😦

  2. Moises

    July 13, 2013 at 8:31 pm


    • ronaldsf

      July 13, 2013 at 10:29 pm

      Yep, the downside of our group being small is that it’s hard to get enough people together at the same time. Once school starts it’ll get better though


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