Kingmaker #3: Delving Underground

10 Jul

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20th day of Pharast, 4680 AR

Five days ago, our party met up with a new member, Clades, an enterprising young girl who shows potential in sorcery and is the sister of our healer Oculus. After introductions we hiked forward and further through the wilderness of the Greenbelt. As I said, it was wilderness and we ran into a wolf fairly quickethly. Me friends Skia and Oasîn snuck ‘pon either flank, and certain I be that Ur would have followed suit had he been ‘mongst our rank. Sadly, he had been summonethed away by his otherworldly father and had yet to return. Obviously we made short work of the beast, and Oasîn proved all too adept at skinning it.

Crazy old Bokken

Crazy old Bokken

That dealt with, we arrived at our destination; shrubbery ‘pon which we sighteth onefold rare fangberries for a potion brewer we had met who would sell us cheaper potions in return for them. However, we had taken but a gander at said berries ‘fore a group o’ poisonous spiders swarmed us. Trying to get to the fangberries, our brave friend Skia charged through the swarm, only to be ‘ssaulted by their many mouthes. I jumpethed in after the kitsune, scorching the swarm with burning hand after hand. Skia managed to escape the spiders and get to Clades, who gave him healing potions. ‘T last, the spiders lay vanquished, not a single one of the vermin had escaped my flames. Sadly we could use the spiders for naught, for they held poison in their innards which we couldn’t ingest. An’ so we picked the berries, leaving us with plenty of extra to munch on whilst we marched back to Oleg and his trading post. On the way, we remembered to return the fangberries to the hermit who desired them so.


Jhod Kavken

Once that had been dealt with, we hiked once more through the wilds to Oleg’s Trading Post. Luckily we managed to do this without event. However, there was much event when we arrived. There was a cleric of Erastil, Jhod Kavken, who had arrived. He said we should look for lost temples to Erastil in the wood, particularly one guarded by an angry bear. There were several reward sheets on the wall. One for a boar, a second for bandits, another for kobolds, and a last for an odd serpentine creature that even I, for all my knowledge, did not recognise. My friends an’ I rejoiced, for we had defeated three of the four. Alas, we realized that the third was not just for those kobolds, but for their entire lair, and we could either slaughter them or make peace. But for now, we received the rewards for the first two; four hundred gold pieces in a week for the bandits, a masterwork longbow and six animal bane arrows for the boar.

That settled, we set off to find the kobolds. There was a rather lot of debate as to whether we should eradicate them or enlist their help in city building. Skia hoped for the former, Oasîn the latter. I, personally, thought them both foolish ideas. To make peace would be to invite attack; to kill would be to lose their help. So I decided that we should attempt at peace and kill them if it went wrong. This managed to placate Skia and Oasîn. So we went, and found some kobolds fairly quickly. After I spoke to them in their native tongue, Draconic, they agreed to take us to their leader, Tartuk. There was some talk about it, and Tartuk, through his own arcane abilities, showed us an image of the statue of a boar they called “Old Sharptooth” which was taken by mites. We agreed to get it back in exchange for their help in our city.


“Burning and hacking and slashing we charged, chasing the mites back into the cavern where we tore apart every last one we could find.”

So we set off, accompanied by a kobold guide, armed to the teeth with magic, sword, and bow (well, dart gun). We dove into the mites’ lair. There we stumbled on to a group o’ mites building what looked like catapults. We charged into ‘em, hacking ‘n slashing ‘n blasting our way through them until every last one was chopped, sliced, or scorched. Skia and Oasin went to destroy the catapults, but we cautioned them against it, favoring stealth over a couple ‘o mite contraptions. We saw then what we had missed: a lone kobold tied up in chains. We freed him, and he thanked us and told us his name was Mikmek. Worn out from the battle, I suggested we rest (partially ‘cause my spells ‘ad run out). So we left the cave, set up camp, and went to sleep. We left, of course, the kobolds to lookout, seeing as they hadn’t fought an’ all. Good thing, too, for before we knew it, the kobolds were shaking us awake because we were being ambushed by the mites. As we fought, we felt ourselves becoming stronger, and we knew that we had fought so many foes that the gods deemed us worthy to become so. (As must happen, if we are to continue fighting larger and more deadly beasts.) And so we fought, and as we fought our foes fell back at our onslaught. Burning and hacking and slashing we charged, chasing the mites back into the cavern where we tore apart every last one we could find. Every last one, that is, before a pair of giant whips lashed at us from behind the bodies. No, not whips — tails — we were facing a giant Whiptail Centipede.


A whiptail centipede!

My friends wanted to flee, and I wanted to join them, but I knew through knowledge arcane and mystique that the whiptail was only half as powerful as the bandits we had fought before, and now we were more powerful than ever. My friends saw this wisdom themselves and we launched ourselves at the monster. Dodging whip and bite and slam we blasted it and stabbed at it at and fought and fought and fought. It, however, got in quite a few hits itself and many of us were unconscious by the time its last breath left its body. We rejoiced, and delved further into the lair.

Goodbye and Goodnight,

Xotani (Nima)


XP so far:
Oasîn – 2,640
Oculus – 2,690
Skia Canticum – 2,240
Ur – 2,290
Xotani – 2,940

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