Rappan Athuk #2: Setting Out to Rappan Athuk

18 Jun

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17th day of Sarenith, 4713 AR

It all started when a band of adventurers arrived at town. Mortimer was the cleric of the party, but this was not a cleric to be messed with. His strange appearance made him look like death, but he was a cleric and he did heal people. Zero was the sneaky one, in other words “the ninja.” Few people knew him as a thief, but he was also an expert at finding and disabling traps. Aragorn was the tracker and ranger. He could find the track of a wounded animal or of a sneaking undead. This was a well-balanced party.

“Just as they defeated those wolves, another pack of four came and hurt Mortimer and Amriel…”

They traveled from Egede to the river town of Zelkor’s Ferry. The first thing the group did was go to the healer of the town. They found him odd, and even Mortimer found him freaky. They approached the inn and found valuable information on the dungeon they were about to conquer. In the inn they found many rumors that did not help their case. Finally, they were able to find something useful. One of the entrances to the dungeon was near and they needed horses to get there safely. Luckily they found a good deal for two horses and a mule. They were able to convince a sorcerer named Amriel to go with them. When they had all they needed, they set off and went to pursue their dreams.

After a few days of traveling, the adventurers came upon a steel door in a cave. Aragorn identified that four of those tracks were of trolls and only one was of a human. They waited until sundown a few hundred feet away from the entrance to see what would come out. The doors creaked open and a human came out, but he was surrounded in a circle by four trolls. The adventurers knew better than to pick a fight, so they stood still and waited for the trolls to leave. The trolls left and the adventurers went on. They found a trading road and decided to camp there. Aragorn took the first watch but nothing happened. Then came Zero, but still nothing happened. Then came Mortimer’s turn and he didn’t hear anything until Zero was pounced on by a wolf. As quick as he heard the noise, he channeled the dark energy he had inside of him and weakened two. The third and center wolf was still up. Zero was able to kill one wolf, but was dragged by it. Just as they defeated those wolves, another pack of four came and hurt Mortimer and Amriel. With the power of the channeled energy and of Aragorn’s greatsword, they were able to defeat the wolves. As dark clerics always do, Mortimer started animating all the wolves they had killed. They returned to town and were healed.

ghouls“Aragorn tracked down the ghoul, but he tracked down a whole group of ten ghouls.”

They set out for the Mouth of Doom near Zelkor’s Ferry because they heard that the challenges were easier there. On their first day back on the road, they encountered a band of gnolls. Aragorn and Zero took one out with arrows and Mortimer took many more out with his channeled energy. The band injured none of the adventurers, but they acquired some gold. After many days of traveling, they finally were able to find an entrance to the dungeon. They tied their horses to a tree and went inside the dungeon. They walked and walked until they found a room that sounded like there were people in there. Zero turned invisible with his friends around the corner. He opened the door and revealed four unshaven men and they looked scared. One of them closed the door and Zero with an invisible smirk opened it again. The men looked as if they were about to burst into tears. Zero then closed the door, but not before he was fired at and missed. Zero could hear one of the men sobbing and another one crying. He quickly went to a corner after activating a trap. The men deactivated it and kept going. They tried attacking Mortimer and Aragorn, but missed. Mortimer channeled his energy again and took three down and hurt Amriel along with the thief. Aragorn swiped his sword and took the last thief down.

They continued and found a tower shield that moved. By instinct, Aragorn attacked the man and hit him on the knee. One of the wolves attacked and bit him. The man fell in pain. Mortimer was able to heal him and he was a man from a lost party. They kept going and realized that a man had died from a ghoul bite. Aragorn tracked down the ghoul, but he tracked down a whole group of ten ghouls.

A fight broke out as skeletal wolves attacked ghouls and Aragorn started to shoot ghouls with his longbow. Zero wanted to get in the fight, but was paralyzed. One of the wolves fell, and two ghouls were now under Mortimer’s control. One of the good ghouls fell, but at the end good had won. They continued down the dungeon knowing nothing of what they would encounter next.


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3 responses to “Rappan Athuk #2: Setting Out to Rappan Athuk

  1. ronaldsf

    June 19, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Here’s a picture of Mortimer’s Army of Darkness (the upside-down bases were the ghouls he controlled):

    • moises

      June 20, 2013 at 2:43 pm

      My army was epic.

  2. Meenuman

    July 10, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Good job moises


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