Shattered Star #12: Seeking the Shard

07 Jun


23rd day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

The party returned to the dungeon inside The Crow — one of the ancient Thassilonian pillars that once supported a massive bridge into the middle of the sea. They continued their search for the next shard of the Shattered Star.

They visited the deepest level they had reached before, where they had argued over whether to press on into a tunnel, decided to rest, but were soon ambushed by a force of mites. They traveled several hundred feet down the tunnel, where they found a side door that opened into a set of stairs that led down into the ocean water. A strange shimmering blue aura covered the water, which had no ripples. The barbarian Grog led the way as the party stepped down the stairs and walked through a tunnel that led outside into the ocean depths surrounding the Crow!

egarthis“A ghoulish creature offered to give them information about the sewers if they could find the brooch that belonged to his wife when his ship sank into the waters.”

Next to the entrance, they found a sunken ship with the words Liza Jane on it. When they searched it, they were attacked by a trio of reefclaws — a hybrid of a lobster and eel — that were no match for their growing martial skills, even underwater. In the ship, they found some minor treasure, including a fancy brooch.

They returned into The Crow and continued down the long passageway. It ended in a room with three exits, in which ancient sewage sat within ancient troughs. They heard the sound of mournful singing down the passage to the east. Here, they found a room with elaborate drawings of Magnimar’s coast on the walls, and a ghoulish creature that offered to give them information about the sewers if they could find the brooch that belonged to his wife that he lost when his ship sank into the waters. The party agreed. The ghoul told them that if they continued down this passage they would find aggressive eels; down the western tunnel from the forked entrance room they would find a dangerous ooze; and down the middle southern tunnel they would find fragile, collapsible bridges. Also, blue-skinned creatures roamed the sewers. Grog returned the favor by beheading the ghast with a single blow.

The party argued over where to go next. Henri and Grog went down the western tunnel, while Glondorfin and Lillian continued down the eastern tunnel. Henri and Grog found a pool of fetid water and an everburning torch, as a green slime fell over Grog. He leaped out just in time, and he and Henri killed it with fire. Glondorfin and Lillian, meanwhile, found a chamber where the walkway rose into a pyramid in the middle of a sewage-filled room. Lillian raced to the top of the pyramid, as an eel leaped out of the water and nearly bit her leg. Glondorfin and his frog companion Ulf entered the room and attacked the eels with their spear and tongue, as Lillian rained arrows down upon them. The eels stood out of the water and opened their mouths, from which a second mouth snapped out to try to bite Lillian! Soon, the horrible creatures were dead.

Henri and Grog continued down their corridor, as Glondorfin and Lillian continued down theirs. Simultaneously, they all came upon a very large room — Glondorfin and Lillian looking down from a balcony — where they spotted white-eyed blue-skinned creatures in the middle of a heated argument. The derros noticed the barbarian and the gunslinger and attacked them, cloaking them in darkness. Meanwhile, Lillian fired on the creatures from behind, and Glondorfin summoned an earth elemental to attack the derros as Ulf leaped down from their perch.

egarthis“The derros noticed the barbarian and the gunslinger and attacked them, cloaking them in darkness.”

Despite the derros’ magical abilities, they were defeated. One derro tried to flee back to his chambers but was caught from behind and struck down.

The party searched the bodies and surveyed the room, which had several doors and a stairway going down leading out of it. One of the derros had a strange device that resembled a spear, but with a container in its tip holding a strange bluish liquid.

Suddenly, Lillian — who bore the Shard of Pride — felt a sudden urge to examine a section of wall. She scanned it with her sharp eyes and found a subtle crack that suggested a secret door. She was certain that the next Shard would be beyond it. When she opened the secret door, she and the rest of the party peered into the gloom.

Here was an old, dusty, forgotten room. Inside, a large form was shrouded in cobwebs. Another set of stairs led down and was concealed by webs. Lillian, consumed by a sudden sense of urgency, headed toward the stairs…


XP at the end of the session:

Glondorfin – 9,375
Grog – 11,210

Henri- 10,605
Joshua – 8,533

Katrina – 8,455
Lillian – 10,275
Wolf – 8,363


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