Shattered Star #10: Raiding Razmir

10 May
Shattered Star #10: Raiding Razmir


21st day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

The party, consisting of Glondorfin (druid) and his loyal frog Ulf, Grog (barbarian), Henri (gunslinger), Joshua (magus), Katrina (barbarian), Lard (cleric), and Lillian (ranger), proceeded with their night-time surreptitious raid of the Temple dedicated to Razmir the Living God.

After silencing a lone guard, they proceeded into the basement’s main hallway, chancing upon a grey-robed Razmiran priest! When Henri rolled forward and tore a hole through the priest’s chase with his double-barreled hackbut, some white-robed acolytes peeked their heads into the hallway to see what the commotion was all about. The party rushed into the hallway, compelling the acolytes to shut their doors out of fear. One more priest stumbled out of the dining room and was sliced apart by the party.

The party then charged into the barracks, where the acolytes were waiting for them. Darting through and around the bunk beds, Grog, Lillian, Katrina and others knocked them out in fairly short order, hopefully not alerting the rest of the complex.

Katrina then noticed, strangely, the door to the dining room swinging open on its own accord. After a moment’s hesitation, she lunged for the opening to see if an invisible creature had walked through. But she was too late.

The party sneaked upstairs to the first floor’s main hallway. They quickly dispatched the two acolytes standing before the large double doors leading to the main worship chamber. Quietly, they stepped inside.

The worship hall was empty. The 31 Steps of Razmir rose before them to the forbidden second floor, where the balcony was draped in shadow. At the top of the staircase, a giant mask of Razmir beset with jewels glistened. Lard strode up the steps and was speared by two arrows that shot from the shadowy balconies on either side of him!

Henri rolled up his double hackbut and fired into one dark corner, as Grog and Katrina ran double-quick up the stairs tore down the priest in the right corner. Ulf jumped up on top of the balcony and caught the remaining priest within its tongue, as Lillian and others rained death upon him from afar.

Now on the balcony, the circled backward above the worship chamber below, toward a large set of double doors that led toward the temple leaders’ private quarters. The moment Lillian touched it, a blast of frigid air blast outward, knocking several members of the party backward. Katrina and Grog took a crowbar and, yelling in primal rage, heaved the massive doors open with their combined strength.

The doors swung silently open, revealing a large room with a statue comprised of Razmiran masks standing in the center of the room.

“Who are the true gods?” boomed a voice, as the statue looked at Grog and Katrina impassively.

“Razmir,” said Katrina.

The statue lurched forward and slammed Joshua with sickening-sounding blow to the head, hurtling him to the ground.

“The statue lurched forward and slammed Joshua with sickening-sounding blow to the head, hurtling him to the ground.”

Lard, who for some strange reason had been silent for the last few minutes, strode forward her throat filled with gunpowder and a large a smile beaming across her face. She took her flint and steel and applied a spark against her mouth. Blood and brains exploded outward, singing the statue and covering the floor which was now slick with severed organs and entrails.

“No, you CAN’T die!” cried Grog. “You were our CLERIC!”

In anguish, Grog and the others entered the room to meet the statue in melee, when suddenly a black-robed Razmiran herald appeared in midair, his sword in Henri’s back!

The melee grew hot; steel rang against steel. After the herald fell, the statue stepped back and the masks disconnected from each other. Soon, the masks were spinning around in a tempestuous whirlwind…


XP at the end of the session:

Glondorfin – 6,025
Grog – 7,860

Henri- 7,455
Joshua – 5,183

Katrina – 5,305
Lard – DEAD
Lillian – 6,925
Wolf – 5,013


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