Tournament Arena and Rules for Round One!

03 May

Here is the arena we will use for all the match-ups in Round One!

Arena 1

  • The players can’t see each other at the beginning! In addition to the mat on the table, the GM and each team has their own small copy of this map to track their characters’ placement. Teammates always know where the other team member is.
  • All the players start outside of a hot sauna in the middle of a dead-cold wintry landscape covered with snow. Team A places their characters on and around #1 and #2. Team B starts on and around #3 and #4.
  • The GM rolls initiative. All players act in order, communicating secretly with the GM. The GM is free to use rules for Stealth and Perception.
  • Once two characters from competing teams BOTH see each other, their pawns are placed on the battlemat.
  • Lighting: It is light outside and the shower room has lights. The large room is dark, save for the glass globe with electricity that keeps most of the large room lit.
  • The outdoor area is covered in snow and is all considered difficult terrain (1/2 movement, no running). Every round a character ends outside, he or she loses 1 hit point.
  • The large western and eastern doors require a DC 15 Strength check to open.
  • The shower room is slippery — you must succeed at a DC 10 Reflex save in any round where you walk in the room or do something that might cause you to fall (for example, attack an enemy).

And don’t forget to start analyzing your opponents!

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