New addition for The Guild: DELVES!

18 Apr

insanityToday was a little… wacky. Lots of stuff going on. Mmm-hmm, yes.

I think it’s time for 2 new rules:

1. Electronic gaming after RPGs have begun = an XP penalty.

2. Rules for running “Delves” (quick one-day adventures)

As we saw today, when individual people take a break from the RPG, it can affect the whole group. Also, there should be a way for people to “jump” into playing a game so that people don’t get bored and go off doing something else.

If we have extra students with nada to do, you can run a DELVE!



The typical Delve is in a cave or a dungeon, but it can take place anywhere. The basic idea is that you want to have a simple adventure with 2 to 4 encounters that can take up the day in The Guild. Do the following:

  1. Get the Grandmaster’s permission to GM a Delve!
  2. Determine your Party’s Level (PL). FIRST, determine the average level of all your characters: add up everyone’s levels, then divide by the number of characters. This is your average. But the CR system assumes a typical party has 4 or 5 characters. So, if you have an unusual number of characters, do the following:
    2 characters = subtract 2 from the average
    3 characters = subtract 1 from the average
    4-5 characters = no change
    6+ characters = add 1 from the average
    For example, you have a 3rd-level character, a 4th-level character, and a 5th-level character. Their average level is FOUR. But because there are only 3 of them, subtract one. Your Party’s Level is THREE.
  3. Randomly determine the CRs of your encounters. Roll 1d10. Use this chart to determine the CR:
    1-3 = PL + 0
    4-6 = PL + 1
    7-9 = PL + 2
    10 = PL + 3
  4. Make a random map. You can use the flipmats or “cave cards” that are in The Guild shelf if you’d like.
  5. Have the Grandmaster help you determine treasure (required for magic items!), OR just place gold and gems using this chart from the Core Rulebook:
    CR 1 –> 260gp
    CR 2 –> 550gp
    CR 3 –> 800gp
    CR 4 –> 1,150gp
    CR 5 –> 1,550gp
    CR 6 –> 2,000gp
    CR 7 –> 2,600gp
    CR 8 –> 3,350gp
    CR 9 –> 4,250gp
    CR 10 –> 5,450gp
    You can also use the charts from the back of Ultimate Equipment if you want.
  6. Run the adventure! Sometimes you will want the next challenge to be a fight, or a trap! (Look at the trap sections of the Beginner Box Game Master’s Guide and the Core Rulebook for traps.) And make it interesting — have a random statue animate as a stone golem, or have goblins stage a clever bait situation with an ambush. Have fun!
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