GIMME MY PHONE BACK! (a.k.a. How You Can Get My Dice Roller App)

28 Mar

pip-dice-rollerA bunch of you have been taking my iPhone at the table and playing with my “Pip” Dice Roller app. Yes, I know it’s pretty. And it has that neat “clockity-clock” sound when you shake it. But some of you are adding hundreds and hundreds of dice that make the app slow down. Y’all seem to get some visceral tactile satisfaction from playing with it. And it’s annoying.

So if you have a smartphone, get your own **** dice roller! My iPhone and Pip are mine mine MINE!

Here’s an article on several dice roller apps for iPhone (if you have something else you might find the same apps for your phone). Some are free. The one I used, Pip, is the one they recommend but it’s not free:

Dice Roller Apps for iPhone

Also, this one isn’t as pretty, but it’s free, quick to use, and gives you results of many different combos of dice (2d4, 6d6, etc.) with a single touch: RPG Roller

Now leave me alone!

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