Shattered Star #7: Victim to Vermin

27 Mar

7th day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

giant-antThe party, after pursuing a small blue humanoid creature down a flight of stairs, had found itself in a giant crypt room filled with tall mounds of dirt. Oversized ants crawled out of them and attacked the party! Katrina questioned the wisdom of taking on the colony, as her companions charged in with bloodthirst.

Glondorfin commanded his giant frog Ulf to attack the beasts, and it obediently fastened one of the insects with its tongue as the magus Joshua and the ranger Kevin pounded away at it with their weapons. Grog, as usual, took on the toughest of the bunch: a winged monstrosity that grappled him with its pincers.

Rolling her eyes, Katrina waded into the battle and provided vital healing support.

The battle done, the party wiped the ant blood off their weapons and proceeded quietly into the hallway on the opposite side of the chamber. The passageway turned right and went on for about another 100 feet, before descending down a staircase.

Henri, meanwhile, stayed back toward the stairwell and would not move. Weird.

Spider Biters

Lillian, with the aid of her cat burglar’s boots, was in front of the party, bow at the ready. She gracefully strided toward the top of the staircase and shot an arrow, evincing a cry of pain from down below. The rest of the party increased its pace, as Lillian walked down, shooting more arrows from her bow.

What she saw was a big surprise — a large group of blue-skinned mites, two of them astride giant spiders. She yelled for help!

The mites fell easily to their blows and did little damage with their small daggers, but the spiders were another matter entirely. The two spiders each bit down viciously on Kevin, who felt their hot poison enter his veins. He hobbled back up the stairs to get help from Katrina.

mite-spiderThe spiders then focused their bites on poor Ulf, injecting the frog with their potent venom. He fell unconscious to the floor and started to spasm. Meanwhile, Lillian and Grog were doing tremendous damage to the two creatures but having minimal effect.

Katrina yelled at people to back away so she could assist Ulf. She bit down on one of the bite wounds and sucked out some of the poison, spitting it out in disgust. Then she applied her healing wand to the bleeding creature, saving it from death’s door!

Grog and Lillian finished off the spiders, but the party now breathed heavily and leaned against the walls, much weakened. Katrina channeled energy from Pharasma — goddess of fate and death — which did much to allay their suffering.

Lillian searched the large room, among large piles of trash which seemed to have been arranged as improvised seats and tables for the pathetic blue creatures.

“Nothing,” she said. The party turned right into the only exit from the room, down a hallway, which then turned left and went straight ahead a great distance.

“Let’s go!” yelled Lillian as she proceeded down the hallway. Joshua filed behind her.

“NO! Let’s rest!” yelled Grog.

“I feel fine!” said Joshua. “And I still have more spells I can cast!”

A large pulling match ensued, in which the greater numbers of Grog, Kevin, and Katrina stopped the two from proceeding any further. Glondorfin, not wasting any time, was already sleeping and cuddling with his frog. He was dressed in green from head to toe for the occasion.

The Naked Fight

The party removed their armor and wrapped themselves in blankets. Grog sat on his backpack, keeping a watchful vigil and looking down both directions of the hallway. He heard the faintest noise back from the way they came and started to shake Lillian and yell at the others to wake up.

Soon they were overrun by another large group of mites and a giant spider! The party scrambled out of their blankets, some of them not wearing their armor. Grog started to rage and swing at the mites that were upon them, with a near-naked Kevin at his side.

Most of the party was behind them in the narrow hallway and could not contribute to the fight, so Joshua stepped forward and shot forth fire from his fingertips that singed Grog but caused the two mites in front to fall. Grog, Kevin, and Joshua charged forward, weapons aloft!

Glondorfin summoned a giant rat behind the spider, which did little damage but helped distract it. The spider, tougher than the previous ones, bit down mercilessly and twice on Joshua and injected its poison. Joshua, not the toughest among them, fell unconscious, his eyes rolling up into his head!

“We need healing!” Kevin screamed. Katrina sighed and walked over to Joshua’s convulsing form.

“Pharasma: what is this person’s fate?” she asked. “Should I heal him or speed his way to your door?”

“SHUT UP!” Kevin yelled. “Do it!”

Katrina sighed again, removed poison from Joshua, and laid her hand to heal him.

“Arrrrrgh!” yelled Grog, landing a satisfying blow on the bloated arachnid’s head. The thing fell to the ground with a clatter, the mite on its back hitting its head to the floor and falling unconscious. The battle was now done.

“Let’s get out of here!” yelled Grog.

To this, there was little disagreement.

The party gathered all the items they could from the dead mites they thought could fetch a pretty penny from the shops of Magnimar, as well as the gear from the Tower Girls they had defeated above. Returning to the ground floor entrance to The Crow, they loaded the the equipment onto the boats, which almost sank under the weight. They had to make two trips to bring all the suits of armor and rogue supplies they had found to Magnimar’s docks.

magic-itemsAppraising the pile of equipment they had laid upon the pier, especially the magic-imbued bladed scarf they had taken from Ayala Javeski, they guessed that they could get between two to three thousand gold pieces.

They smiled with satisfaction.

“What’s this?” said Kevin, pointing to a handbill on the nearby announcements board.

“1,000 GOLD FIRST PRIZE to the winner of  the seasonal UNARMED FIGHTING TOURNAMENT – Report to the Matador’s Lodge this Toilday 8th of Lamashan at 6 o’clock in the eve to qualify. No Magic, No Armor, No Weapons! RULES WILL BE ENFORCED.”

They rejoiced, boasting to each other about their sparring abilities and fighting imaginary opponents. Then they hefted their gear off the pier and headed toward the markets.


XP at the end of the session:

Glondorfin – 3,879
Grog – 4,269

Henri- 4,141
Joshua – 4,019

Katrina – 3,879
Kevin – 3,749
Lillian – 4,919


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