New Guild Charter, and the new SLOB PENALTY

26 Mar

slobDo you guys leave a mess like that at home?

If you do, I DON’T CARE. You now ALSO lose INDIVIDUAL XP in The Guild if you leave without helping clean your table. If you need to leave early without doing so, you must ask the Grandmaster first with a good explanation. If some of you have been wondering why your XP has not been going up much lately, it’s because I’ve been docking XP TWICE if you haven’t helped clean AND your group doesn’t clean.

There are now a several additions to The Guild Charter to reflect a number of new rules I have instituted in The Guild. One of those changes is the following:

You lose XP for:

Not doing a GOOD AMOUNT to help your group clean up its table OR the table I assign you to clean (clean up garbage above and under, put dice and playing pieces and pencils and markers back, clean the game board, all chairs on top, etc). This must be a REAL effort — not taking away one thing and letting one person do all of the rest. You MUST ask the Grandmaster for permission to leave without doing so with a good enough reason — otherwise you INDIVIDUALLY get the SLOB PENALTY: one-half the Standard XP Bonus. Saying “your parents require you to leave now” only works if I HEAR FROM THEM OR THE SCHOOL DIRECTLY.

Have a nice day! 😀

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