Report and loot from today’s other adventures!

20 Mar

Arena of Absalom (GM: Salvatore)

After taking into account your 250gp entrance fee (which you got back if your parents picked you up or you won the 3rd and last battle), your heroes gained the following:
Cathrine +225gp
ChineseOpiumDen +3gp, THEN DIED!
Leo Winky +353gp, potion of cure light wounds
Lord Darkflame +678gp
Mamo +678gp
Tortoise +678gp

DAY TWO of the Arena continues on Monday, where the entrance fee will be 500gp each contestant (all entrance fees are refunded if you win) and the prize is 5,000gp! DAY THREE will cost 750gp each to enter and you can win 7,500gp, and it ends with the optional fight with “The Big Beast”: pool 5,000gp to enter and the prize is 15,000gp!

And remember, you can die in the Arena! If you surrender, the monsters get one more round to attack you, so be careful!

Rappan Athuk Lite (GM: Grandmaster)

*******asaur +264gp
Buttkakovich +264gp
Cracker +264gp
Gremlin +264gp

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