Shattered Star #5: The Second Raid

08 Mar

28th day of Rova, 4712 AR



The young heroes defiantly entered into battle, not at all willing meet the Tower Girls’ demand to hand over the one Shard artifact they had found. Two of the Tower Girls promptly shapechanged into wererats and about a dozen other Tower Girls maneuvered into position, supported by small number of donkey rats. A fierce melee ensued.

Louis the magus was the first to fall. Alfonso the waffle-making gunslinger was stuck in place by a well-aimed tanglefoot bag. Clover’s mind-sword could not protect her, and she was sliced by a shortsword and knocked down. The ninja, Magneto, raised up his hands in surrender but was promptly filleted.

Although eight of the Tower Girls fell, only two of them and one of their wererat leaders were killed. Four of them were still standing, and they completely surrounded Grog (who was down to 1 hit point thanks to his barbarian rage!). The paladin, Lillian, was holding the Shard of Pride and fortunately had not ventured far in and so was able to beat a retreat along with Grog. These last two remaining heroes scrambled up the stairwell and out of The Crow!

They went to the Pathfinder Lodge and reported back to Sheila Heidmarch. She was sad to see they had not succeeded, and was relieved that Lillian was mindful enough to stay out of the risky battle with the Shard of Pride. They soon received a ransom note from The Crow, demanding 500gp apiece for each of the prisoners. Sheila, Grog, and Lillian coldly rejected the offer, not wanting to give in to blackmail. Besides, they thought to themselves, perhaps they were not worth the money if they had been so reckless as to charge into near-certain death. 😀

At the Lodge, Lillian and Grog tended to their wounds. Sheila’s husband, another retired adventurer named Sir Canayven, told them that he would reward them with gold if they found historical secrets in the ancient Thassilonian murals of the Crow. Over the next week, Sheila introduced them to four new recruits: a human gunslinger named Henri, an elven magus named Joshua, a human cleric named Katrina, and a human ranger named Kevin.

They ignored the Lord-Mayor Grobaras’ request for assistance on the Pathfinder Lodge bulletin board in order to seek vengeance on the Tower Girls and win the second Shard!

4th day of Lamashan, 4712 AR

"It's a Donkey Rat!"

“It’s a Donkey Rat!”

After some discussion, the party decided it was better to sail back to The Crow under cover of night, so as not to alert its inhabitants. Their previous foray had confronted them with a concentrated and well-organized enemy; perhaps by sneaking in they could deny their enemy this advantage.

They docked their boats and sneaked up the long stairwell to the top of The Crow. There, they surprised a wererat and two regular Tower Girls.

Henri aimed his gun: “Are you the Tower Girls? We’re the Basement Boys.”

They dispatched the guards quickly before they could raise an alarm. They traversed the suspended platform again, went down the long hallway, and found and avoided a tripwire.

They turned right and found small camp with three Tower Girls. Several unlucky shots later, however, two of them got away and fled down the stairs where the party had nearly been killed before! The party ran full-speed after the Tower Girls, who ran through the main battle room, down a hallway, and met up with some other Tower Girls and donkey rats.

Here, a fierce battle raged. One of their wererat leaders came from behind a door, and they were engaged in brutal melee. However, the donkey rats’ teeth and the Tower Girls’ weapons did not do much damage, and Grog’s tremendous strength, with some assistance from Joshua’s magic, were able to get past the wererat’s resistance to normal weapons. Katrina provided a crucial supporting role, casting Sanctuary on herself and healing party members who were hurt on the battlefield.

After the party searched the bodies, helped themselves to their treasure (including a fancy washbasin, a mithral dagger that they had previously taken from Magneto, and a waffle iron!), and rested, they interrogated one of the remaining living Tower Girls named Azura. Although she had lost many fellow members of her gang, was prepared to help the party in order to secure her own escape, telling them that the Tower Girls’ leader, another wererat named Ayala Javeski, and a few other Tower Girls still remained. Although Katrina trusted Azura, the rest of the party was not willing to take any chances that she might betray them again, so they bound her hands and her lead them to where the rest of the Tower Girls were. She led them down another set of stairs toward a set of doors, beyond which lay a large hall that had doors on the west and a large set of elaborately-carved double doors toward the east.

The party examined the double doors, and saw spiky runes from ancient Thassilon on them. On the left door were letters spelling “LISTEN” and on the right door were letters spelling “THE EYES.” They found that the doors were white-hot, and it burned their hands upon touch! However, touching any of the letters caused it to glow. They soon surmised that touching two letters caused two letters to switch places.

They brought Azura in, who said that the Tower Girls had never been able to figure out this puzzle. The party managed to rearranged the letters on the right door so that they spelled “THEY SEE.” However, they grew frustrated with the left door, so they went to the doors to the west to see what lay beyond them.

They were soon accosted by several Tower Girls, including Ayala Javeski, who deftly wielded a magical bladed scarf! Perhaps their trek into The Crow and their quest for the next Shard was about to be complete after all…

Ayala Javeski

Ayala Javeski


XP at the end of the session:

Grog – 2,464
Henri- 1,964
Joshua – 2,014

Katrina – 1,874
Kevin – 1,944

Lillian – 2,914


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