The Guild is now HERO LAB ENABLED!

26 Feb

Hero LabFor those of you not aware, those nifty character sheets I’ve been giving many of you have been powered by HERO LAB, a most-excellent piece of software that makes it easy to create, update, and experiment with your characters. I ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK your handwritten character sheets, and Hero Lab does all the calculations for you and so makes it easier for you and me.

Starting Wednesday, the computer stations at Room 102 will have Hero Lab! We have also installed FILE SHARING, which just adds to the awesomeness and is explained more below.

So What Does This Mean for Me?

Well, you can now do the following:

  1. Replace a lost character sheet, or give your character a new powerful magic item and PRINT a new copy ready for play! ‘Nuff said.
  2. Use all the full Pathfinder options easily! Ever wondered whether a kobold could make a good wizard? Or what the stats of a +3 impact Large flaming burst greatsword would be in your character’s hands? Hero Lab lets you do all this, quickly and easily.
  3. jurgenFind and add a character portrait! Pictures say much more than words and numbers alone. Check out the picture Gio picked for his orc fighter, JÜRGEN.
  4. Print out your spellbook, feats, and other abilities! Hero Lab lets you print summaries of all your spells, or even the full descriptions of all your spells if you want. Also, especially when you get to become higher level, it’s useful to have a printout of all your character’s feats and other abilities.
  5. Create unique monsters and NPCs for your adventures easily! Perhaps you want more than the usual CR 3 Minotaur to challenge your high-level players? Why don’t you give him 2 levels in Fighter? Is that Ancient Red Dragon a pushover for your players? Maybe you want a GREAT WYRM Red Dragon instead? Or maybe you want to make your evil wizard also a vampire or a werewolf, so you want to try the Vampire or Lycanthrope templates?

Locked and Loaded

The Power Gamers among you will be happy to know that our license of Hero Lab has all the following rulebooks:
Core Rulebook
Advanced Players Guide
Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Combat
Advanced Races
Ultimate Equipment
Bestiary 1
Bestiary 2

How This Will Work

dropboxHero Lab is on EACH of the four computers in Room 102, and accesses the SAME shared Dropbox folder. Four of you can use Hero Lab simultaneously.

Each of you has your own individual folder to keep your character(s) in. (See the picture.)

All the files on the computers in Room 102 are SYNCHED with my own computer at home and with my laptop, so any changes that happen on one computer changes the same file on all the other computers. If you want to be able to view your individual folder from home, ask the Grandmaster for a link.

I back-up the files regularly, so I always keep my own folder of date-stamped archives of the Dropbox folder.


Your hosannahs and praises are welcome.

– Your O Most Wise, Fair, and Munificent Grandmaster

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