The Guild will now be using FULL Pathfinder!

05 Feb

pf1It is time.

I’m predicting that there won’t be a big group of new students this semester. That’ll come next fall — when that happens, we’ll have a Beginner Box group for the new folks.

But since you all have been exposed to some of the full awesomeage that is in the full Pathfinder rules, it is time to take the leap!

What does this mean for The Guild?

  1. Many more character options! You now can use all of Paizo’s 21 character CLASSES, all the RACES in Advanced Race Guide that are under “Core Races,” “Featured Races,” and “Uncommon Races,” and any EQUIPMENT under Ultimate Equipment.
  2. Maximum Dexterity limits depending on what armor you have, and armor check penalties now apply.
  3. As for the full Pathfinder rules for things like encumbrance and combat maneuvers and other things… there’s a lot of them. BUT THESE RULES ARE ALL OPTIONAL. It is up to every GM to decide whether to use full Pathfinder rules in any given situation. PLAYERS: if this is a problem, talk to your GM or the Grandmaster.

Do you want to now change your Guild character? If yes, here’s how:

Remember that you ALWAYS have the option to substitute a new character in using your Guild XP, and using 20-point buy. As for equipment, you can EITHER transfer your current hero’s gear and gold, OR start over with a gold piece amount appropriate to your level. Talk  to the Grandmaster about how much gold you get.

The “Character Creation, Game Rules” and “Shoppe” sections of the website will be updated soon.

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