Back to Basics

05 Feb

Back to Basics Theme Graphic smallAll right! So now we know we have another semester and saw who came on the first day, I can pretty confidently set up how we’ll run The Guild this spring.

We’re going back to basics.

What does that mean, you say? Basically, no tournament (not until the end of the semester), no Rappan Athuk, none of that stuff. We’ll be what we were for the first few months of The Guild: groups playing adventures and taking turns GMing! Once the zombie apocalypse is ready, that will run regularly on Wednesdays.

So that means your GUILD CHARACTER is important! Many of you have not leveled-up your characters in a while, and Sebastian is running Minotaurs’ Keep tomorrow (Wednesday), so you should make sure to send me changes before then! Check your Guild level at the XP Log. Also, remember that you need to write a character bio to reach Level 3!

Finally, I have updated the Adventure Queue!

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Posted by on February 5, 2013 in Announcements


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