Announcements for Shattered Star campaign

25 Jan
shattered-starDear heroes (and anti-heroes),
Devon (and everyone else!): if you haven’t yet, make sure you read the session report from last time and our TRAGIC DEATH!!!

Henry, look at this Ninja. Do you have any changes you want to make? Stats-wise, a halfling is a good choice. But choose a race that fits the character you want to role-play! Get back to me (email me or comment below) — that way we can jump straight into the action Saturday!

From the last session, you guys got the following treasure. Your party is now just entering The Crow. Figure out whether you want to go shopping or to redistribute this stuff. If you comment why you should have something, everyone will see it and I will be more likely to let you have it!

Also, I think it’s fair that the players who won the wealth get first dibs on stuff. Henry lost XP for his character death — having first choice at treasure helps balance out this risk of dying from adventuring.

shard of pride (+2 to all skill checks, +2 insight bonus to saves vs. illusion spells, major image 1/day)
cat burglar’s boots (+2 to Acrobatics, Climb, Stealth checks) (can reroll one of those checks 1/day) – value 2,000gp
2 undeciphered scrolls
2 unidentified wands
second-story harness (can secure yourself to vertical surface and free both your hands and keep your Dex bonus to AC, +5 to Climb check to avoid falling whenever you take damage) – value 55gp
climbers’ kit (+2 to Climb checks)
masterwork thieves’ tools (+2 to Disable Device checks)
tanglefoot bag
1 masterwork mithral short sword (damages monsters vulnerable to silver weapons) – value 1,010gp
3 chainmail
3 light wooden shield
3 morningstars
8 small leather armors
7 small light wooden shields
7 small short swords
7 small short bows
1 small longsword
2 small javelins
86 crossbow bolts

1,003 gold pieces (this includes the 750gp reward from Sheila Heidmarch)

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