Prepare yourselves for next Wednesday… and the TOMB OF HORRORS!

24 Jan

tomb-horrorsWhat better way to cap off the semester than with INSTANT DEATH?

Next Wednesday, January 30, Galen and I will GM the most infamous killer dungeon in RPG history, the Tomb of Horrors! Penned in 1978 by the father of D&D, Gary Gygax, the Tomb of Horrors has killed thousands of players through its sadistic tricks and traps. Only an elite group of players have ever beaten it. Who knows? Maybe one of the members of the Guild will be become a member of this fabled group.

There is no limit to the number of players – Galen and I can accommodate everyone (if you want to play, of course). You will get to choose from among the 20 pre-generated characters. Those with the highest Guild XP totals get first pick. (See below.) And if your character dies, you get to pick one of the remaining ones. But we can only use these 20!

In the spirit of the dungeon, we will also use the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules—yes, where hitting zero HP means you DIE. Don’t worry about needing to learn the rules – if you’re familiar with Pathfinder I’ll help you “jump in.”

You will need to play SMART to survive the Tomb of Horrors. There are actually a lot more traps than monsters. Examine everything, be careful, and THINK!

XP Standings
1. Salvatore        39,112
2. Axel               32,234
3. Sebastián        21,867
4. Zander            18,530
5. Devon            16,672
6. Gabe               13,694
7. Jackson           12,853
8. Gio                 12,214
9. Henry             9,732
10. Sohun           9,691
11. Simon           9,389
12. Galen            9,106
13. Ian M.          9,172
14. Mohammad  2,780
15. Ian C.           1,700
16. Otto              1,013

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