Tournament, Week Two! (And no Guild Monday! Character changes DUE Tuesday night!)

17 Jan
Picture from ArtInFocus

Picture from ArtInFocus

Today was frenetic (for the Grandmaster), as we had two more tournament matches in addition to the continuation of Rappan Athuk.

In the Make-Up Match, I Will Kill You defeated the Fists of Freedom. Then we began the semi-finals, where The Dominators defeated the uber-powerful and well-played Pneumonoultramicroscopic-silicovolcanoconiosis team in a surprise upset! The battlefield swirled with readied actions, summoned elementals, and a thrown fireball. But the gunslinger Heroic achieved a CRITICAL HIT with his musket (quadruple damage) as the clock ticked down.

The final week of the Tournament is next Wednesday:

Round Two:
Team Anonymous vs. LMAO

The Dominators vs. Winner of Round Two match

EVERYONE: Because of Martin Luther King Day, we will have no Guild on Monday! On Wednesday, we will finish the tournament and Zander will GM his dungeon. (No Rappan Athuk until Monday, Jan. 28.). This means:

  • Tournament character changes must be emailed to me by Tuesday 11:59PM.
  • Everyone not in the tournament who wants to be in Zander’s adventure should send me changes for their main Guild characters. There’s a lot of you who can advance levels, or who can if you send me a character bio.
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