Shattered Star #3: The Quest Begins

13 Jan

20th day of Rova, 4712 AR

(Alfonso and Clover were not able to join today.)

The adventurers stood in sewage waste fighting goblins, while investigating an abandoned warehouse in pursuit of Natalya Vancaskerkin, who was hiding away a valuable artifact for herself.

The halfling summoner Gawfungus, his wolflike eidolon Bill, the barbarian Grog, and the magus Louis surrounded the goblins and slew them, sending them face-down into the sewage. (Meanwhile, Lillian investigated the corpses they had created outside, rather not wanting to be bothered with Magnimar’s waste.)

natalyaAs Grog and Louis investigated a back room with a fireplace, they were shot through by crossbow bolts from above. Above, Natalya Vancaskerkin and 2 goblins were attacking, balancing rafters near the roof. Natalya cast a spell to compel Grog into her service, but he resisted it. Louis and Grog speeded up to the ladder and climbed up above the collapsed ceiling. Meanwhile, Gawfungus searched a goblin body and found a wand of healing; however, he was not able to identify it as such–a failure that would have grave consequences later on.

Natalya faced across from Louis and Grog. Louis was downed by goblin crossbow bolts. In a daring move, Grog leaped forward and swung with his greatsword, landing true. The blow knocked her off the ledge, and they both plunged into the filthy water below.

Furious, Natalya took a magic triangle-shaped object from her pocket and caused fire to shoot out from it and form a wall around her. Bill and Gawfungus had now reached the site of the melee, and Bill realized that the fire was an illusion. Natalya boasted that they “would never defeat her gang!” Lillian, meanwhile, had heard the commotion and ran up to the warehouse wall just outside the battle.

Grog entered a furious rage, charged through the fire, and entered a fierce melee with Natalya, who deftly dodged many of his blows and wounded him. Grog fell into the foul water, as Bill grappled Natalya with his paws and bit her. Natalya, though greatly weakened, wrestled Bill and knocked him unconscious. Above, Ian lay bleeding at the brink of death. The goblins shot Gawfungus with a grievous wound from a crossbow, killing him. All of the Pathfinders were down!

Except for Lillian. Hearing the battle ending, she taunted Natalya from outside and assumed the personality of a formidable warrior. Natalya was undisturbed. However, when Lillian beheaded one of Natalya’s thugs and threw the head down the chimney, Natalya had second thoughts. The goblins pried open one of the boarded-up windows, but Lillian was ready with a longspear and stabbed a goblin the moment it looked out the window. He screamed, clutching its face as he fell down into the water. Lillian then heard silence, and with her keen ears followed a slight sloshing sound as it proceeded toward the front entrance. Natalya was preparing to sneak outside. Lillian readied her bow and aimed it toward the door.

The moment Natalya opened the door, Lillian fired her bow, and hit her square in the face, killing her! The goblins screamed in panic and fled through the sewer pipes. The party had won!

Lillian ran into the warehouse, braving the filth, to discover the state of her comrades. She saw all of them unconscious, including the dead form of Gawfungus floating in the foul water. Distraught, she noticed Louis up above in the rafters. While climbing up, she was attacked by goblin snake in a fierce battle that she barely survived.

Lillian tried to use her meager healing abilities to revive her companions, but failed. She would have to wait out until the morning before they would revive. She returned to Natalya’s dead form, and examined her possessions. When she touched the strange triangle-shaped object, she felt a surge of pride, and a confidence to do great things.

The Quest Begins


The Shard of Pride

After Lillian’s companions were revived and they returned to the Pathfinder Lodge, Sheila Heidmarch gave them with several healing potions and urged them to rest. She also introduced them to a new recruit, a ninja she thought would be a good addition to their party.

In the Lodge’s parlor, Lillian showed Sheila the artifact. Sheila was awestruck by the find. She took a magical blue ioun stone and had Lillian place it. It glowed and fused with the metal, assuming its copper-like appearance as well. The strange feeling of pride and ambition Lillian had felt vanished.

“This is one of the shards of the legendary Shattered Star!” exclaimed Sheila. “The Shattered Star, also called the Sihedron, was created by Xin, the ruler of the ancient Thassilonian Empire, as the culmination of his research into magic and the seven virtues. Using the power of the device, he defended his power to rule all of Thassilon. When he fell to the seven Runelords, the Sihedron was fragmented into seven shards. The Runelords, whose upholding of the virtues had become corrupted into the seven great Sins, each took one of the seven fragments. This is one of this fragments — this is the Shard of Pride. If all of the shards can be assembled into the Sihedron, then Varisia will have a powerful defense indeed against evil the next time it should try to rise.”

Sheila asked Lillian to concentrate on the shard. Doing this revealed to Lillian a powerful vision of one of the stone pilings beneath the Irespan Bridge. This column was called The Crow — named after the birds carved into its sides.

“Just as I suspected,” said Sheila. “The magic of the shard urges its owner to seek out another one of the Sihedron’s fragments. It would seem that the next step of your quest is to explore The Crow, my friends. If indeed you succeed at this quest, you will be among the greatest of Pathfinders!”

Heartened by the prospect of fame (and associated wealth), the adventurers rested at the Lodge to tend to their wounds. Grog and Lillian had contracted filth fever in the sewage, and purchased healing at a temple. Over the next week, they also learned of two other residents of the Lodge: a reclusive wizard, and a powerful barbarian who was organizing an expedition into the nearby mountains.

Into The Crow

28th day of Rova, 4712 AR

The adventurers returned to the streets of Magnimar, to look for boats to reach The Crow. In Dockway, Grog made a return to The Old Fang and had a second go at Mammy’s Stew — and did not vomit! Ol’ Mam Grottle slapped him on the back and gave him 50 gold, saying he was the first person to down Mammy’s Stew in two years.

Grog and their new ninja companion then tried to steal a ship. They approached a fine keelboat, manned by a crew of halflings, and pretended to want to go on a cruise to tour the coast of Magnimar. The captain agreed, and the two adventurers brought  a tankard of ale onboard. They entered the captain’s cabin and had drinks. While Grog used a toilet, he urinated into the tankard. The captain heard this and, now suspicious of their motives, kicked them out of the cabin. He ordered his crew to be watchful. Grog leaped and climbed atop the captain’s cabin, with an elaborate plan to hammer in a piton and suspend himself from a rope to slice a hole into the bottom of the boat with his greatsword. Meanwhile, the halflings rained crossbow bolts on him. He was wounded and jumped into the water, as the crew pushed his ninja friend overboard. They swam ashore.


The Irespan Pilings

Lillian and Louis, meanwhile, were focused on THE QUEST and had rented a rowboat and reached The Crow. Grudgingly, they waited for Grog and their new companion, who had secured another rowboat and caught up with them. However, they were exhausted from their morning’s ordeal.

They lit torches and stepped through a high archway — the piling apparently was filled with passages and stairways. Lillian noticed campfires and equipment near the entrance indicating that perhaps a dozen people once were there. As they climbed a stairway, she saw bat guano along the floor and walls.

“Oh, not again,” groaned Lillian, as they climbed up into the darkness.

XP at the end of the session:
Alfonso – 1,309
Clover – 1,309
Grog – 1,309
Lillian – 1,664
Louis – 1,309
ninja – 809

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One response to “Shattered Star #3: The Quest Begins

  1. ronaldsf

    January 14, 2013 at 10:29 pm

    I must add that this session had the most dramatic moment I’ve ever seen in Pathfinder: Ian (Louis) rolling a *20* on his final roll to stabilize. ANYTHING ELSE less than a 20 would have meant Louis would have died. THEN we would’ve had 2 deaths!

    And if Lillian had not defeated everyone at the end, it would have been FOUR dead. Youchies!


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