Tournament: Characters for Week 2!

10 Jan

DoublesI can’t reach some of you between classes, so I figure I’ll post people’s characters up here and let you know other changes you might want to make. You must gives changes to me at The Guild, through email, or by posting a comment here by Tuesday, 11:59pm for it to count on Wednesday.

Once you advance to Round Two, your character advances to Level 5 (which gives you another feat) and can have up to 10,500gp worth of equipment instead of 6,000gp. Remember to use the Beginner Box versions of the classes! You are limited to having up to 1,250gp in consumable items (potions, scrolls, wands, etc.).

For Make-Up Match (Level 4 characters):

Fists of Freedom: Galen (Piggeh Slide) and Ian M. (Magus)
Galen, you have 1,200 more gold. Ian, you can prepare four 1st-level spells and two 2nd-level spells. (You can cast up to 3 spell levels worth of spells in any one match.)

I Will Kill You: Giovanni (Monk) and Sebastian (Slap Your Face)
Giovanni, higher Wisdom and Dexterity and Bracers of Armor can increase your AC. Sebastian, you have 2,030 more gold to spend.

LMAO: Jackson (Mahungalom) and Mohammad (Mochaklokahataia)
Jackson, I remember your ability scores being a bit high… Mohammad, you have 1,621 gold to spend, and may want to change your stats and equipment to improve your AC.

Already Advanced to Round Two (Level 5 characters):

The Dominators: Salvatore (Heroic) and Zander (Fighter)
I advanced your characters to Level 5 based on what you told me… Zander, you can actually have 3 more combat feats plus 1 more feat you didn’t have enough gold for a ring of protection after upgrading both of your weapons to +1.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis: Axel (Bafi Raza) and Gabe (Yorded)
Axel, you can spend 2,865 more gold, get a combat feat, and another feat.
Gabe, you can advance to Level 5 (see above).

Team Anonymous: Devon (Ranger/Samurai) and Henry (Druid)
Devon and Henry, you can advance to Level 5 (see above). Henry, you can prepare four 1st-level spells, three 2nd-level spells. and two 3rd-level spells. (In any one match, you are limited to casting up to 6 spell levels’ worth of spells.)

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