Tournament Update: The Rules!

30 Dec

royal-rumbleWeek One:

We have SIX teams for the tournament. For Week One, there will be 3 matches, in which two teams go head-to-head:

Team A vs. Team B
Team C vs. Team D
Team E vs. Team F

There will be a TIME LIMIT. If one team kills the other (or knocks them unconscious) before time runs out, then they start again. The most victories before time runs out determines the winner. If NEITHER side has won when time runs out, then the side with the highest percentage of remaining hit points wins.

All winners automatically advance to Week Two!

All losers play in an Elimination Round, in which all six players are in the same arena! The last team standing advances to Week Two!

Advancing to the next week in the Tournament earns each player in your team TRIPLE THE STANDARD GUILD XP BONUS. Winning the entire tournament means you each gain a level in The Guild.


Every match in Week One will take place within the following arena, and run by a GM.


  • All moves are made out in the open for everyone to see.
  • For the two-team matches, each team starts in one of the corners on the left side.
  • Roll for initiative from the beginning. Everyone acts on their turn.
  • You can also DELAY (wait and jump back in the order after anyone else’s turn) or READY an action (use a standard action to say “if X happens, then I do Y…”).
  • There will be a few traps in the dungeon. (The Grandmaster will secretly communicate with the GMs!)
  • There will also be two magic weapons scattered among the three rooms that have only one door.
  • The pools on the right will (1) be temporary boosts to ability scores or (2) contain poison, determined at random.
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