22 Dec

“Don’t go down the well!”

In January, I am going to start the new Campaign, Rappan Athuk: The Dungeon of Graves. It is the Granddaddy of Dungeons, and you will die!

People can join whenever they want, and it will happen on Mondays. If you want, you can start making your character. Here are the rules for the campaign:

Character Creation

  1. Create a Level 4 character with 6,000 XP.
  2. Ability Scores: 20-point buy. Point Buy Calculator
  3. Races: You can use the Core Races, Featured Races, and Uncommon Races in the Advanced Race Guide. You can use alternative racial traits. However, more powerful races (more than 11 RP in the Race Builder chapter) will gain levels later than everyone else during the first few levels of experience.
  4. At Level 4, add +1 to one ability score.
  5. Classes: All 21 Pathfinder classes are available. We will be using the full Pathfinder rules.
  6. You either can take average HP, or roll for HP. (Rolls must be witnessed.)
  7. Apply the Favored Class Bonus for the class(es) you’ve taken levels in.
  8. Choose skills and feats. We will not use traits.
  9. Equipment: You have 6,000 gold to spend. You can buy anything Paizo has published in Core Rulebook, Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, and Ultimate Equipment. (Ultimate Equipment has a class kit for every character class.)

Other Rules

  • We will use the Fast XP Track. See chart on Pathfinder PRD
  • Everyone collectively earns “Party XP.” This total is based on the CR of encounters, divided by the number of adventurers playing. When the Party XP passes a leveling-up point, you can advance your character immediately.
  • You can’t just say “I roll Perception!” You must say exactly where you’re searching and/or what you’re doing. (Rappan Athuk has a lot of deadly traps and it would be a shame if I didn’t use them!)

Rules for Character Death

  • Because death will be FREQUENT in the Dungeon of Graves, be prepared to switch to a new character for the rest of that day in The Guild. These are your options:
    1. Use a backup character that is already approved by the GM that is readily available.
    2. Use a pregen character that the GM has already from the NPC Codex. In addition to that character’s equipment, you likely will have a sum of gold to spend on more items. You can also trade in any items they have for full market value. Note that the NPC Codex has pregens for the 11 core cases only.
    3. Use the GM’s “Quick Rules” to create a new character on the fly. The GM will have a stack of fresh empty character sheets available. (The GM will be too busy to help you though.)
  • The GM will tell you how much gold you’ll have to spend on gear for your new character.
  • Your dead PC’s belongings will magically transport to your new character and can be traded in for gold. (In other words, your comrades may not loot your body!)
  • Your new character will have an amount of XP equal to the amount of Party XP when it joins the adventure. (If it is a powerful race, this may lower your experience level slightly.)
  • You can only rejoin the adventure if the party has returned to a relatively-safe area. This is either the wilderness above Rappan Athuk or a dungeon level the party has already cleared.
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