WELCOME to the Shattered Star campaign!

08 Dec

This is the first post for the Shattered Star campaign! Announcements and session reports will be posted here regularly. Make sure to check out the Campaign Page as well.




When agents of the newest Pathfinder Society lodge in Magnimar learn of a fragmented artifact from the ancient Thassilonian civilization scattered throughout Varisia, it falls to a new band of heroes to step in and gather up the seven fragments. For if the greatest prize of Thassilon’s first ruler cannot save Varisia… what can?

During your quest, you will hunt for a sundered artifact, its pieces scattered throughout the land in some of its most dangerous and notorious dungeons. Will you be able to reunite the Shattered Star?


We will use the FULL PATHFINDER RULES. You can use all the classes, races, feats, and spells from the Core Rulebook. You also can use all the classes and archetypes from Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat, but for other options (such as spells, and feats) from those optional books you will need my approval. You can also use the Advanced Race Guide for the 7 core races only, also with my approval. The website has all these options organized by race and class.

Do I need the Core Rulebook?

Not really. The Core Rulebook is nifty, fun to look at, and you can study the rules, but it’s also HUGE. I will gradually be teaching everyone the full Pathfinder rules as we need them. As for finding stuff, EVERYTHING in the Core Rulebook is available for free at the Pathfinder Reference Document. The Pathfinder SRD organizes all the extra classes, archetypes and racial options from the expansion books as well. After we make our characters Dec. 8th, I’m happy to copy pages for you that you need (like the pages with your class’s description and archetype, or your spell lists).

On the other hand, if you want to crack open the Core Rulebook and start mastering the full rules, use Paizo’s Beginner Box Transitions document (I have copies at The Guild) to help guide you around that massive book.

Character creation

1. Choose ability scores. Use 20-point buy. (See Core Rulebook, pp. 15-16) More info at this page. Handy point-buy calculator at this site. KEEP IN MIND THAT FULL PATHFINDER LIMITS HOW MUCH WEIGHT YOU CAN CARRY: a low Strength score lowers how much you can carry before you start slowing down! See the “Carrying Capacity” chart in the Core Rulebook p. 171 or at this site.
2. Choose race. Adjust ability scores. All Paizo-published racial options are available! Write down your racial abilities. (pp. 21-27) More info at this page.
3. Write down your ability modifiers on character sheet.
4. Choose class. ( “Core Classes” “Base Classes” and “Alternate Classes”. No evil characters.
5. Choose an optional archetype, if you want one. ( Write down your class and archetype abilities.
6. Choose your “Favored Class bonus”: one free HP or one free skill rank.
7. Assign your skill ranks. There are MORE skills in full Pathfinder! (More info at this site.)
Shattered Star campaign only: You get one free rank in a Profession skill of your choice.
8. Choose your feat(s) (pp. 114-117). The feats from the Core Rulebook are also at this site. If you have a class that’s not a core class, you might want to see the Beginner Box version of your class because it includes some feats appropriate to your class. All this, taken together, is already enough for you to handle! (The full(!) list of all feats from the Core Rulebook and expansions is GIGANTIC and at d20pfsrd.)
9. You get to choose 2 traits, which are like mini-feats that have to do with your character’s background. The basic Pathfinder traits are here (the Campaign Traits are specific to Rise of the Runelords only), and on Saturday I’ll show you some more traits. You cannot have more than one trait from the same category.
10. Roll randomly for your gold (must be witnessed). Buy equipment. The Core Rulebook Chapter 6 has enough equipment to keep you busy, and you can also buy stuff from the Beginner Box, including the Adventurer’s Kit for 7 gold. The Core Rulebook equipment charts are at this site.
11. If you are a spellcaster, choose your spells: If your class is not in the Core Rulebook, look at your class’s description to see which spells you can choose. (Oracles can choose from the Cleric spell list.) The Core Rulebook alone has a huge number of spells and is probably enough for Level 1 characters! See Chapter 10. (Lists also at this site.)
12. Write a background for your character! Make sure you cover these questions:
– What does he or she look like?
– Why did he or she choose this character class?
– Has he or she chosen to be an adventurer yet? Why?
– Describe his or her personality.

Experience points

We will use the Medium XP Track. Unlike the Guild, you will not always share XP equally among other players. The GM will also reward individual players for problem-solving, coming up with original ideas, creativity, etc. Also, “roleplaying” (things like talking in-character, taking the story seriously… generally being engaged) is required to earn full XP.

House rules

  • Average HP as you gain levels.

Character death

Death sucks. And it really sucks in the Saturday campaign. And it will come often in our Saturday campaign unless you all play smart and carefully!

If your PC dies and your party cannot raise you from the dead, you must create a new character one-quarter a level lower (accounting for XP) than the character you lost.

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