For the Saturday campaigns… don’t forget the racial options!

07 Dec

argSome of you will want to further customize your character. Check out these links:

The online Advanced Race Guide has:

  • Alternate Racial Traits – trade out one or more of your character’s default traits. You want your elf to have resistance 5 to acid, cold, electricity, and fire? Then switch out Elven Immunities for the Elemental Resistance racial trait.
  • Racial Subtypes – these are “packages” of alternate traits that are a more-defined version of your race. You want your half-orc to have a bite attack? Then take the Feral subtype.
  • Favored Class Options – in full Pathfinder you choose a “favored class” at 1st level. Every time you take a level in that class (including 1st level), you get either a bonus hit point or a bonus skill rank. The Advanced Race Guide lets your choose a special bonus depending on your class — so a gnome ranger can choose between +1 hit points, +1 skill ranks, or Damage Resistance 1/magic for his or her animal companion.
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