Why the Spring Semester Will Be Awesome

01 Dec

Reason #3: You’ll be strong enough to kill vampires!

The Guild will change yet again for the spring. Not only will you want to take The Guild again, but you should also get more friends to join — although I probably can’t do more than two days a week, we can get a THIRD HOUR of The Guild, but we must have at least 10 students during the third hour for it to be okay for the school. So recruit, recruit, recruit!

How will the Spring Semester be awesome? Let me count the ways:

  1. We can go as long as three hours! That is, if we have 10 students during the third hour. (Recruit, recruit, recruit!) I’ll look into getting food brought to the class if hunger’s an issue — heroes need to eat!
  2. All 21 Pathfinder classes will be legal for play! So in addition to the 11 core classes, you also can play the Beginner Box versions of the Alchemist, Cavalier, Gunslinger, Inquisitor, Magus, Ninja, Oracle, Samurai, Summoner, and Witch. You can “trade levels in” once we make the change.
  3. You will be more powerful! Some of you will hit Level 6 by February, which means that martial classes can attack two times per round! Magic-users start to get access to the powerful spells, and some time later clerics can raise the dead! You’ll be strong enough to take on vampires, medusas, and maybe even some ADULT dragons, not the newborn babes you’ve been fighting so far! 😀
  4. We will have campaigns! The one-shot adventures we’ve been running will still happen, but you can also group around a GM and make-up your own campaign together, with a hometown, your own characters, your own agendas, your own world to explore, and your own big quest.

    And last but not least…

  5. In the campaigns, the GMs can use their own rules! The GM can decide to use the full Core Rules, and make up “house rules.” And yes, this means the GM can let players use the Advanced Race Guide. (I know that’s what some of you have wanted to hear!) The GM can say you all start at Level 5. Heck, the GM can even use the Mythic Adventures Playtest for even more powerful heroes! And do you want to try out another rule system besides Pathfinder, like D&D 4th Edition or a sci-fi system? This is your chance!
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