Yesterday in the Dead Warrens…

15 Nov

14th day of Neth, 4712 AR

Today the PCs woke up. They were thinking about splitting up, but that morning, Sarenrae, god of the sun and healing, had told Farrah Mae, the cleric, who prayed to Sarenrae, to “not split up the river.” So they walked on together without splitting up. They fought six normal sized skeletons, and a big one. The PCs realized that they had actually fought these skeletons before. They defeated the skeletons for the second time, then they walked on. They met three derros. One of those had been fighting the PCs before and was a bit wounded. As the PCs walked in to the room it went totally dark, but Heroica, the druid paladin, threw light in the middle of the room. But the derros were gone. Heroica looked around and saw two of the derros. The PCs attacked one of the derros. Then came three bursts of sound. All PCs but Heroica got stunned. By only pure luck, the derros escaped.

– As recorded by Axel this 14th of November, 2012

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