POLL: How many days will you take The Guild next semester?

09 Nov

Your parents voted Tuesday, but you couldn’t! That was so UNFAIIIIR. If anything, you’re gonna live more years facing the consequences of the Election than they are!

Now’s your chance to participate in DEMOCRACY! (Well, actually, in a poll. I still make the decision. But nevermind that.)

The King Visionaries Program will be asking me soon how many days I should run The Guild next semester. If possible, I would like to meet more often per week. But that only makes sense if you guys want that. Otherwise, I’ll come to class ready but no one will be there, and I’ll be sad.

SO VOTE! How many days do YOU think you would take next semester? And leave a comment if there’s anything you want to add – like if a certain day doesn’t work for you. Also, if you know someone else who wants to take the Guild next semester, tell me what they think, too!

And please… only students should vote! This needs to be a scientifically accurate. Don’t contaminate my poll! 😡

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Posted by on November 9, 2012 in Announcements


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