Today’s Trying Tale

15 Oct


The young, courageous band that was sent to honor Kassen’s memory by braving the Crypt of the Everflame perished within its shadowy depths. The villagers who thought they would put the warriors through a terrifying, but ultimately safe rite of passage were the first to die. But the youths who arrived later, while unperturbed by the Crypt’s perils — going so far as to urinate in its Nightmare Pool — met their ends.

Or was it their end really? For now they have embarked on new careers as new undead servants of Asar the Skeleton Knight. Stripped of their flesh and souls, they now ironically serve as guards of the the Everflame in their unlife.


Over at Falcon’s Hollow in the nation of Nirmathas, a new band of heroes has embarked on their own adventure. Sent off by a rude but efficient herbalist, they are to find exotic ingredients that she can mash into a potion to cure the blackscour taint which is beginning to kill members of their village.


On Guild Business:

  • All you people who died… HAVE YOUR NEW CHARACTERS READY FOR WEDNESDAY! If you have questions, reach me at my email. If you are creating a new character, definitely reach me to make sure your new character sheet is right!
  • There is a NEW way to earn XP: Be a Recruiter! You will get the Standard XP Reward, if you convince a new person to join the Guild! You earn XP if they come to 2 classes!

-Your Dear and Munificent Grandmaster

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